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Announcing our “Juice Cleanse” Weeks This August!

IMG_0648Try a Juice Cleanse? We make it easy…

Juice cleansing is riding a wave of popularity right now in the health world. Would you like to try it? This is your chance.

August “Juice Cleanse” Option—
Two weeks only: Aug. 10-17 and 17-24, 2013

During these two weeks we offer the option of trying a simple, pleasant, cleansing diet of fresh juices, broths, and simple raw salads—undertaken for a few days under the guidance of our nutritionist. All other aspects of The Ranch experience are the same during these weeks.

There is no extra charge for the cleansing program. As a bonus, we’re happy to include one complimentary cleansing seaweed wrap or herbal wrap plus one exfoliating dry brush massage or loofa scrub and a private half-hour consultation when you choose to try “the cleanse.”

Why a Juice Cleanse? While it is true that our bodies have wonderful built-in cleansing mechanisms, they can easily be overwhelmed by poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress and exposure to environmental toxins in air, food, water, and in home cleaning and personal care products. A periodic cleanse helps by downloading excess toxins so the body’s innate detox mechanisms can be fully activated.

A bit of “cleansing” Ranch history… In years past, the Ranch offered a cleansing program under the guidance of our founder, Prof. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. As part of an optional “virtue diet,” participants drank grape cider, juices, brothy soups, pure water, and herb teas. This practice was put on hold a few decades ago as our cuisine grew more varied and interesting, but we have always continued to teach the importance of cleansing in a weekly talk by our nutritionist, Yvonne Nienstadt. With the new wave of interest in cleansing programs, we have decided to reinstate this health giving practice for these two weeks in August.

What will I be eating? Fresh fruit and vegetable juices will be provided throughout the fasting days. The day begins with warm purified water and fresh lemon juice with an optional dash of cayenne provided for you in your room. ‘Breakfast’ consists of a warm vegetable potassium broth served from 7 – 8 AM. Fresh juices will be available in the Gazebo from 10 – 11 AM, 1 – 2 PM and  4 -5 PM. You will join other participants for a raw salad bar for dinner. Should you need food at any time during your cleanse, please know that it will be readily available for you.

We encourage guests to begin their cleanse at home by eliminating sugar and refined manufactured foods, coffee, and alcohol at least a week before their scheduled Ranch stay. A wonderful program for overcoming sugar cravings can be found at This is the site of  Kathleen DesMaisons, author of Potatoes Not Prozac and The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program. We think it also advisable to eliminate gluten containing grains and dairy during the home pre-cleanse. This process will assure that your cleansing week at the Ranch is a pleasant one.

We will provide each participant with a ‘Cleanse Support Box’. You will find gentle diuretic and laxative herbs teas, and other supplements that will help your body rapidly remove toxins.

Gentle exercise classes will be recommended. One cleansing seaweed wrap and one herbal wrap are included in the package. A private ½ hour consultation with our nutritionist is also included. There is no extra charge for the cleansing program.

We ask that anyone with a health condition or anyone who is on medication consult their physician before considering this program.

For more information contact Yvonne Nienstadt, Nutrition Director. or call 011 52 665 654 9155 Extension 629.

*Juice Cleanse is not combinable with our Summer special of two free-50-minute massages. 

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