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Daily Archives: October 30, 2013

Ayurvedic Tips for Fall

potato soup 1It officially feels like Autumn here in Baja California, perfect timing for our Ayurvedic Specialist, Carla Levy, to share her tips for staying healthy throughout this lovely season.

With every seasonal change comes a time of transition. This is the optimal time to focus in on self-care.  Autumn is the season of Vata dosha, which is dry, windy, light, cool, and clear.

The opposite qualities help to pacify the Vata qualities that fall brings.  These qualities include, moist, heavy, oily, and warm.  Favor foods and spices that contain these qualities.  Grains, squash, soups, root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and stews are good foods to eat in this season.  Spices include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper, and even some cayenne.

Vata also has the nature of irregularity; therefore regularity helps to balance these fall qualities.  Get up and go to bed at the same time daily and have your meals at regular times.  Enjoy warm foods and drinks, especially in the evening.  Appreciate the beauty of the fall season and remember to stay warm.


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