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Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

The Exchange of Ideas

ranch10130398.jpgI view Rancho La Puerta as a spa and fitness vacation with TED Talks. While my body and soul are nourished, the expert lectures stimulate me intellectually and encourage me to evaluate the way I live my everyday life. The knowledge I gather ranges from the Ayurvedic supplements I need to incorporate into my diet to ways I can begin to think more creatively.

No matter how long I visit Rancho La Puerta, even if it is just for the Saturday at the Ranch program, the people I meet  are fascinating and eager to learn more about the world. During one breakfast I learned tips on how to write a novel.  I recently sat down to lunch with a table of guests who were passionately discussing the omega fatty acid content in organic versus non-organic eggs.  At a dinner I took down information on where to get the best traditional Korean massages in Los Angeles. I always carry a tiny notebook with me wherever I go so I can take notes on what I learn!

While I learn something new every time I go to the Ranch, I do take time to quiet my mind and relax. Sitting alone in nature allows me to completely unwind. Yet I also enjoy going to the Ranch’s library, which provides a quiet space where I can absorb information from books.

I love the intellectual component of the Ranch. I love that it fosters ideas and discussions. I am certain that  Rancho La Puerta’s co-founder Professor Edmond Szekely, who helped to begin this intellectual culture, would be pleased to see where the Ranch is today.


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