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Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

Savor The Ranch

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It’s difficult not to capture gorgeous photos while at the Ranch. Often, the best ones are unexpected, when the lighting is just right, the wisteria happens to be blooming or I discover a new sculpture or landscape design.  You see, the beauty of the Ranch is constantly changing along with the seasons, the time of day and the people that make that make this amazing place so captivating.

I took the photos pictured over the past couple of weeks and have been posting them to our Instagram account. If you haven’t already, you can follow us @rancholapuerta. Our Ranch hashtag is #SavorTheRanch.  If you happen to take some photos while at RLP, tag them to share them with us!  We love seeing the beauty of the Ranch through our guests’ eyes.

The photo above was taken on the way to the Dining Hall from the Administration Building where our guests check in.  I was taken by the light flowing through all the leaves, creating a glowing green canopy.  The lone sculpture of the woman lounging underneath it made it all the more perfect.

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 8

You never know what beauty you’ll come across at the Ranch…lush meadows, wildflowers or perhaps a vibrant desert landscape.  I had never noticed this succulent designed landscape near our Oak Tree Pavilion.  The oranges and greens caught my eye so I whipped my camera out and began snapping away.

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 8

Have you been to Bazaar Del Sol yet? It’s a cozy spot to enjoy breathtaking views while relaxing with friends and family. Additionally there is a boutique filled with local designs and goods. Taste some local wine while doing a little shopping…a rewarding way to end a day at the Ranch.

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 7

Our new sculpture near Bazaar Del Sol…

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 6

Being at the Ranch is a journey.  I’ve often felt like I’m walking down the yellow brick road while I’m here.  I’ve come across so many magical experiences.

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 5

Springtime at the Ranch feels comforting and relaxing.  This may be because of the bountiful herbs and flowers that are in bloom under the warm sun, leaving a divine fragrance in the air.  The wonderful lavender scent seems to float through the air all the way up to Mt. Kuchumaa.

Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 3


Mexico Spa - Rancho La Puerta 1

There’s something enchanting about the Wisteria that comes into bloom and drapes the entrance to the Arroyo and Montana gyms.  It’s fleeting.  One day the purple flowers take over like a floral womb and very soon after, they’re gone.  To catch it is a special moment.

mexico spa - Rancho La Puerta

The day ends at the Dining Hall with glowing lights shining from the trees against the darkening sky and majestic backdrop of Mt. Kuchumaa.  A delicious four course meal awaits you and you know, it’s been a very, very good day.


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