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hiking at rancho la puertaDid you know that The Ranch has its own special hash tag?  Yes, it’s true!  Add #SavorTheRanch to your RLP photos and we’ll share them on our blog and social media channels.  Here are some of our recent favorites!

Photo above:  By claxton_reps “Coming back from a week at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, where the hills come alive.”

culinary week at rancho la puerta
By jpublicrelations  “Fun and relaxing day @rancholapuerta celebrating its Semi-Annual Culinary Week with cooking classes, fitness, Salsa y Salsa classes and more.”

healthy salad at rancho la puerta
By epicself  “Blackberry sprinkle. Toss a handful of fresh seasonal berries or sliced fruit with your greens. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth who want to avoid dressings with added sugar. What seasonal local fruit are you eating today?”

jonathan swift quote
By claxton_reps

meditation at rancho la puerta
By epicself  “After a packed first day of teaching @rancholapuerta I couldn’t resist taking my dear friend Maya’s crystal bowl sound healing class. It was the perfect way to sync into the atmosphere and close out the day of activities. My ribs are still on the mend and I knew it would help. Imagine meditating with pillows and blankets in the sunshine as each bowl is played. Each bowl sings a different note which correlates with a chakra/energy center in the body. When played the bowls balance your energetic frequencies. Remember, we are just a bunch of vibrating cells in a electromagnetic storm most of the time. I love how the ranch has a strict no cellphone use policy and only has one area for wifi. Crystal bowl sound healing is by far one of the best ways to sink into deep deep healing and rejuvenating meditation (or nap time for some!). The quartz crystal bowls have been used all over the world for thousands of years. Most recently, the top cancer doctors in the world, one who presents here frequently, use the bowls to help prevent and reverse cancer and the negative effects of chemo drugs. Have you ever experienced crystal or singing bowls before? How did you feel afterward?”

rancho la puerta 2
By erynlgreen “Sunrise 5 mile hike.”

rancho la puerta 3
By rancholapuerta  “The gorgeous view from the villa Sol 6B this morning!”

rancho la puerta 4
By jeanne430 “Great last night…”

stretching techniques
By epicself  “Sweating and smiling through rowing Pilates arm workout by the garden @rancholapuerta. Full length video coming soon for all of my newsletter subscribers. Try this fun technique to sculpt long lean arms and perfect posture. Wrap a Thera band around the balls of your feet and cross the straps. For more resistance walk your hands down the strap toward your ankles. Begin sitting up tall with shoulders down. Squeeze the inner thighs together and reach through your heels. Maintain this posture as you pull the elbows and fists wide. Think about your shoulder blades squeezing together without popping your rib cage or head forward out of alignment. Inhale to grow taller through your crown, exhale to pull on the strap and draw your abs in. Make sure your elbows begin and end at shoulder height and you bring the elbows back into alignment with your ear every rep. For more coordination challenge try pointing your feet as you pull the row back. Repeat the row for 10, hold and pulse back for 20 and then hold the position for 4 long deep breaths. Summer and bikini season is here! Are you feeling ready to bare some skin?”

Don’t forget to tag your Ranch photos with #SavorTheRanch for them to be featured on our blog and social channels!  Happy Friday!

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