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Listening to What Your Body is Telling You

This is a personal post that I think many people will be able to relate to.  Since The Ranch has helped me learn how to better myself via teachers sharing their personal experiences, I will share my own experience about listening to my body in hopes that it serves as an inspiration for you to do the same.

About three weeks ago I got sick with a virus that hit me out of nowhere.  It knocked the energy out of me pretty swiftly and I didn’t feel back to normal for almost two weeks.  This surprised me and affected me emotionally.  You see, I do all the right things when it comes to my health.   I’m strict about what I eat, I do yoga and I exercise almost every day.

I couldn’t understand why this virus lingered for so long.  The rare times I do get sick, I get over it pretty quickly and feel fantastic right afterwards.  This was not the case. Last week, I started to feel somewhat better and back to normal.  I was still tired, but I just pushed through.  That’s how I normally get through being sick…mind over matter.

However, the virus returned again this week.  I woke up with that same icky feeling again and couldn’t believe it. I’ve been doing my best to get rest, eat healthy, and drink plenty of fluids throughout this process.  I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me.

As I write this, I know deep down that my body is trying to tell me something.  Yes, I was doing the all the right things physically. However, my emotions had taken a toll on me even before I got sick.  Without getting into details, I’ve gone through some serious changes in 2014 and continue to go through a hard transition period which has left me feeling overwhelmed at times.

This transition has created an underlying feeling of anxiety that I have tried to ignore.  But the body doesn’t lie.  I believe that the emotional distress I’ve experienced has prevented my full recovery.

One of the best talks I ever attended at The Ranch was by Dr. Lissa Rankin who spoke about her book, Mind Over Medicine, where she discussed the body’s inability to heal itself when it feels like something is emotionally unbalanced.  She spoke about miracles where some people recognize what it is they need from their life and tend to it, and their symptoms and diseases disappear.

I believe that the latest flare up of my illness is a result of not being in tune with what I need emotionally right now.  When I ignore the truth of my tough transition and try to move forward in life without tending to the roots of certain issues, my body will not heal. And so, I view this illness as a lesson to help me recognize what my mind, body and heart truly need right now to get back on track. I am determined to follow through and let myself heal in more ways than one.

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2 Responses to Listening to What Your Body is Telling You

  1. Tasha Christl says:

    I’m reading her book right now and I love it so far (I’m on the last chapter)! Hoping you feel better soon, emotionally and physically!

  2. Sara says:

    I too was sick this April, and I don’t usually get sick. I had been working long hours at my job and within the last 12 months we lost my mother and father in law and my mother just before the holidays.
    I tried to go back to work after a week at home in bed, then I nearly fainted when I was there. So back home for another week of R&R. Even so as soon as I got home I took a nap before dinner and then back to bed. I was very lucky I already had a vacation at the ranch planned for the last week of May which I knew would finally fix me up. Even there I monitored my activity leaving classes early if I felt the need. Certainly a beautiful place to recover.

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