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Yearly Archives: 2014

Wise Words #17

helen keller

I love this quote.  Call me an optimist, but I’ve found that things tend to work out for the best if you believe they will.  I’m always hopeful that things will work out!  Even in the deepest of despair, I believe that somehow things will get better.  But it’s not just about wishful thinking. Confidence, as Helen Keller points out, plays a huge role in life. Achievement stems from confidence in yourself as well as your thoughts.  Next time you hear yourself think, “it would be nice,” have confidence that, “it will be nice!”

What may be the most inspirational aspect of this quote is not the quote itself, but the person who said it.  Helen Keller’s determination allowed her to become a political activist, writer and lecturer. She achieved this despite having what many people would consider huge limitations – being deaf and blind. It was her truly positive outlook on life that lead to her success.  She was eager to learn, confident she could, and always hopeful for the best.  Such an inspiration!


oscar wilde

Wise Words #16

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Origins of the Ranch, Part XIV

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