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The Power of Sound Healing

sound healingSound is something we usually don’t think of when it comes to health, wellness and healing, but after attending one of the classes of the Sound Body Sound Mind Specialty Week with Emiliano Campobello and our very own Susanna Moore, I have a completely different view on the power of sound. It can nourish the mind, body and spirit.

The class was pure enjoyment.  In fact, I would love to go back for a full week experience of sound healing.  It took place in the beautiful Oak Tree Pavilion where we gathered in the middle of the room.  We each laid on our backs on comfy pillows and under blankets.  We closed our eyes.  Then nothing more was asked of us.

We listened to Susanna’s nurturing voice as she spoke about the chakras while Emiliano used different instruments as part of the sound healing process, mainly the flute and crystal bowls.

It was such a peaceful environment that I couldn’t help but drift off to a meditative state where I found clarity, inspiration, motivation and almost an awakening in my subconscious.

After the healing session of class, Susanna spoke about how much sound can affect our overall wellness and health.  Living in the city for example, with the sounds of horns blasting and sirens can have a negative impact on our health, but our bodies and minds instinctively love the sound of nature such as birds chirping or leaves rustling in a slight breeze.

When I left the class I was at ease yet at the same time extremely motivated.  I went outside and found a lovely place to sit in the sun and began to write down my experiences in my journal.  I thought about the inspiration I felt during class and how it would now carry over into my everyday life. Though I am sensitive to sound, I’ve only viewed my sensitivity as a dislike to certain sounds, not something that actually affects my wellbeing.  I now have a completely different perspective and level of awareness of the noises around me. How I wish I could make sound healing a part of my daily routine!



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