Press Highlights

Riviera 2014

Riviera 2014

“Check in to check out at Rancho La Puerta Health and Wellness Spa.” …read more 

Jezebel 2014

jezebel1“Enlightenment, exposure to new types of fitness and eating clean-one week at the Ranch is all we need to wake at dawn and start our day feeling great, healthy and ready to hike.” …read more 

WestJet Up! Magazine 2014

westjet up2!“Men Welcome: Rancho La Puerta offers retreat, rejuvenation and wellness for all…It has designed a program specifically for men, which includes, among other things, a first-class weight room and a men’s health centre.” …read more 

Condé Nast Traveler 2014

Spa_1410 Best Destination Spas of 2014: ”A true pioneer in the world of destination spas having been founded in 1940, Rancho La Puerta in Mexico sits just over the border from San Diego on 3,000 acres of desert that guests can explore on extended hikes.”…read more

Delta Sky Magazine 2014

delta sky

“An American vacation used to be for lying around the pool drinking margaritas.  Of course, many of our guests devote the first day to relaxing-they’ve come here to escape the crushing stress of life.  Then on the second day they pick up our activities menu.”…read more

New Beauty Magazine 2014


“With world-class chefs, cooking classes and an organic farm on the premises, Rancho La Puerta has stood its ground as a provider of some of the most flavorful (and completely vegetarian) spa cuisine since it opened more than 50 years ago.”read more 

Outside Magazine 2013

outside magazine

“Think of Rancho La Puerta, an hour southeast of San Diego, as a data-driven relaxation retreat.  For years, stressed-out Californians have come to the 3,000-acre property to hike the desert, learn yoga and mindfulness, get deep-tissue massages, and linger over mostly vegetarian meals sourced from the six-acre organic garden.” …read more 

Wine Enthusiast 2013

Wine Enthusiast

” ‘Xocolatl, or chocolate, was originally created by the Mayan people of southern Mexico, long before the Spanish conquest,’ says Denise Roa, executive chef of Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico.” …read more  

Worth Magazine 2013


“This seven-day retreat will appeal to the type-A personality. A partnership with the San Diego-based Lifewellness Institute aims to survey your life from A to Z—from advanced lipid profiling to the zzz’s you need to catch up on. Intense follow-ups are a signature part of the program, so slacking off post-retreat is unlikely.” …read more 

Curve Magazine 2013

Curve Magazine November 2013“As we sat together sampling the delicious food we had just created, I got a glimpse into what Rancho La Puerta is all about. People don’t get enough opportunities in their lives to feel supported, to encourage one another, to explore personal growth, spirituality, creativity and healthy living.”…read more

The Gazette 2013

gazette“The experience is like landing in a luxurious all-inclusive adult summer camp and institution of higher learning for the body, mind and spirit, all rolled into one package.”…read more

Travel + Leisure 2013

original“Food is a focus at this Spanish-colonial spa spread over 3,000 acres in the foothills of Mount Kuchumaa, where a new open kitchen (the place for cooking classes and more) is set on the property’s organic farm.” …read more

Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2013

Wine Enthusiast - August 2013

“I personally love the bright pink color watermelon adds to dishes, and it’s a great ingredient to incorporate into meals when it’s too hot to cook,” says Denise Roa, executive chef of Rancho La Puerta wellness resort in Tecate, Mexico. “It’s refreshing and juicy, and provides a wonderful flavor to salads and pairs nicely with fresh herbs and fruits.” …read more

Los Angeles Times 2013


“Today’s visitors sleep in lovely casitas and dine in high style, but the emphasis on healthful fare and outdoor activity remains strong.” …read more

Social Life 2013

socal life

“Rancho La Puerta in Tecate is a tranquil escape with a Spanish ambiance. The spa’s signature healing steps are Cleanse, Relax, Energize & Restore. There is an extensive array of spa treatments and 475 scenic hiking trails stretching over 25 miles spreading over a 3,000-acre expanse.” …read more

NUVO Magazine 2013

NUVO MAGAZINE LTD. - Polo player Nacho Figueras on the cover

“I was new to the idea of group experiences at resorts. Usually when I go somewhere, I want to be left alone. But the idea of Rancho La Puerta isn’t solitude in nature but communication amid it. So we did yoga together, we did aqua aerobics together. One morning, we met at an ungodly hour for a hike up Mt. Kuchumaa.” …read more


San Diego Union Tribune 2013

San Diego Union TribuneIt might have been mistaken for a teen girlfriends’ slumber party. Equipped with plastic cups of white wine, the gaggle giggled nonstop as each eased into a frothing moonlit hot tub. Their late-night chatter was interrupted only by an occasional round of raucous laughter. Three of the hot tubbers were sisters, ages 41-44. The fourth was their 72-year-old mother.

Dorie Smith and her daughters are among hundreds of mother-daughter sets who pilgrimage each year to Rancho La Puerta, the renowned fitness spa just across the border, in Tecate. They go for a tuneup — both physical and spiritual. …read more

Delta Sky 2013

Delta SkyGuests stay busy at this fitness-focused retreat, hidden in the hills near Tecate, Mexico. One of the first destination spas, it’s sometimes referred to as “summer camp for adults” and with good reason. …read more

Passport Magazine 2013

Passport Magazine February 2013

The Ranch is an addiction for many guests, who return year after year. In my week there were some guests that had been there 20-30 times.

It was actually my second time, as I’d been there before with my family, and we still say it’s one of our all time favorite family vacations. If it’s an addiction, at least it’s a healthy one. …read more

Elle Canada 2013

Elle Canada

Get your heart rate up again with the Hot Latin Drum Dance that will have you laughing and burning calories without even noticing. …read more

Daily Bites blog 2013


One evening we took a hands-on cooking class at the Ranch’s nearby cooking school, La Cocina Que Canta (The Kitchen that Sings).

Surrounded by a 6-acre organic farm that supplies the ranch with much of their produce, the cooking school itself was a work of art. It was amazing. …read more

Prevention 2012

Prevention Magazine Dec 2012 ArticleGuests stay in secluded casitas bright with Mexican art and tucked into the Ranch’s gorgeously landscaped 3,000-acre grounds. …read more

New York Times 2012

The New York TimesGuests are still strongly encouraged to take morning hikes — often leaving before dawn.
There is also a hefty roster of bodywork options for your tired calves and backs, one of which was something called Watsu, which is basically aquatic shiatsu, a process that its practitioners say replicates the feeling we all have in womb. …read more

Yoga Journal

May 2012 Yoga JournalYoga Journal 2012
Some people would hear “yoga” and “Mexico” and imagine morning asana in open-air palapas, meditation under shady palms, frolicking in the surf, and being lulled to sleep by the hypnotic sound of ocean breaks.

My Mexican yoga retreat came with mountain vistas, nights where you could see your breath, organic farm tours, and Ashtanga classes that kicked my unfocused habits right off the mat. …read more

Yoga Journal Article November 2009Yoga Journal 2009
“In my version of paradise, there are a lot of great yoga moments, plus fabulous food, laughter, and plenty of rest. It’s an exuberant place but a very peaceful one, set in a great expanse of nature. And on a weeklong yoga retreat this summer [at Rancho La Puerta], I felt as if I’d arrived there.”


Yoga_Journal_Mar08_Page_1-792x1024Yoga Journal 2008
“I feel myself leaning into the ranch’s graciousness, as though it were a set of warm arms comforting me.”

Organic Gardening 2010

“True Mexican cooking remains one of the oldest and healthiest diets… Rancho La Puerta demonstrates the joys and health-giving benefits of cooking seasonally and regionally with traditional Mexican ingredients.”

San Francisco Chronicle 2010


“After spending a few days at the house the Szekeleys built, you’ll find that there really is no mystery to what keeps people coming back for more: even after 70 years, it’s simply about the way the ranch makes you feel.” …read more

California Homes 2010

California Homes 2010 logo“Our dishes were artistic and delicious beyond our belief. And, they were achievable by all of us, even those who rarely cooked but still bravely signed up for the [La Cocina Que Canta] class.”

Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping December2009
“Not only did I bring back exercise that fit into my life, I brought a few recipes that have become a part of my repertoire.” …read more

“An invigorating hike over rolling hills to an organic garden (where you’re rewarded with a farm-fresh breakfast) is just one of many enticing ways to begin your day at Rancho La Puerta.”

Gourmet 2008

Gourmet magazine may 2008“The whole farm-to-fork idea is put into practice, and the word diet is redefined to mean eating real food instead of the prepackaged, processed stuff.” …read more

Town & Country 2008

Town&Country“This is a place to learn how exercise, rest, reflection, healthful eating habits and a relationship with nature can lead to a longer, happier life.”

Food and Wine 2007

Food & Wine

“I had resigned myself to a life without cooking, a life without understanding why people even enjoyed the labor that goes into preparing meals, until I visited Baja California’s Rancho La Puerta and its brand-new cooking school.” …read more



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