Nothing is more important than balance and flexibility—it keeps us upright, helps us navigate curbs at home and trails in the wild, allows us to excel at sports and physical activity, pick up children, and, in our later years, it is essential to the prevention of fractures. You’re never too young or too advanced in years to work on balance and flexibility.


Balance and Coordination

Accordion 125x100_balance_balanceStimulate postural awareness and improve balance and coordination with integrated and challenging movements.


Accordion 125x100_balance_feldenkraisA unique program of movement lessons which enhance posture, ease of mobility and flexibility. Private sessions available for additional fee.

Foam Roller

Accordion 125x100_balance_foam rollerRelease muscular tension through rolling massage to increase flexibility. Relieves pain and improves posture.

Healthy Backs

Accordion 125x100_balance_healthy backPostural techniques, stretches, strength, and endurance exercises along with helpful tips for a healthier back and better quality of life.

Partner Thai Massage

Partner-Thai-MassA combination of massage, assisted stretching, joint stimulation, & acupressure. You will be guided through a series of take home techniques that you and your friend / partner will practice on each other during the class.

Postural Therapy

Postural TherapyBring the body back to its natural alignment by finding and addressing muscle imbalances using release techniques, exploring range of motion, re-firing muscles, and various gentle stretching modalities.

Release & Mobilize

Accordion 125x100_balance_realeaseExperience deep muscle release and increased mobility using tennis balls on specific trigger points and myofascial junctions with the goal of decreasing tightness and muscle spasms.


Accordion 125x100_balance_stretchA full body head to toe stretch.

Stretch & Relax

Stretch and RelaxA soothing full body stretch with a relaxation component at the end.

Tai Chi

Accordion 125x100_balance_taichiThis gentle, ancient Chinese martial art is an easy-to-learn moving meditation that improves balance and body awareness.



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