“Cardio,” the most important type of physical activity you can engage in to maintain health, increases your heart rate and respiration…but we add something else: Fun! Our high-energy expert instructors put the Joy back in exercise and coach you on the latest techniques.


Cycle 30

Cycle 30 at Rancho La PuertaGreat class for those starting up or starting back to an exercise routine. This is a 30 minutes cycle class that will increase your stamina and build confidence as you bring your fitness levels up.

Anytime Interval

Anytime IntervalGuided cardio workout utilizing interval principles. Choose any cardio machine to make it functional

Cardio Boxing

Cardio BoxingLearn basic moves and punches using focus mitts and boxing gloves.

Cardio Drum Dance

Cardio DrummingA fun cardio workout using barrels, drumsticks, high energy drum music and choreography. No drumming experience necessary.

Cardio Muscle Blast: Level 2

Cardio Muscle BlastA high energy interval class that includes intermittent cardio and strength intervals using cardio machines, your own body weight, and free weights. Be prepared to elevate your heart rate and sweat.

Circuit Training

Circuit TrainingA 15-minute cardio segment followed by a vigorous balance/strength/coordination workout around a multi-station circuit. Introductory classes available on Sunday.

Par Cour: Jogging the Obstacle Course

Par Cour: Jogging the Obstacle CourseA 2-mile trail with challenge/obstacle stations placed throughout. Join us for a guided class and then do it on your own with fellow guests during the week.

Ranch Boot Camp

Ranch BootcampImproves speed, strength, and agility through quick and powerful athletic drills. Walk, run, step, jump, and shuffle your way to a healthier heart and stronger body. Pace and intensity varies in this indoor/outdoor class. (Level 2-3)

Ranch Cycling

Ranch CyclingRide the “open road,” climb a “mountain,” and do sprints while enjoying the stability of a stationary bike. (All Levels)

Tabata Sculpt: Level 2

Tabata SculptCardio Intervals incorporating strength training. Inspired by the 20 second work/10 second recover Tabata interval protocol. (Level 2)

TRX: Level 2

TRX Cardio: Level 2-3 at Rancho La PuertaFast moving TRX class that works the entire body and includes a 2-4 minute dedicated Cardio section. Cardio moves are done on and off the straps. Each individual is encouraged to choose a difficulty level at the the upper edge of their ability. TRX experience required.

World Drumming

World DrummingLearn traditional world rhythms and songs as a group. This upbeat, energetic, and interactive class is the perfect environment for students of all musical levels to work and play together..




DanceHip-hop, striptease, Latin, African and other styles for fun and fitness. (Style varies daily)

Dance with Yuichi

Dance with YuichiJoin our Hollywood choreographer for his once-a-week Broadway dance class and party. A tradition!

NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)

NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)Low-impact aerobic workout uses movement, melody, and rhythm inspired by jazz, modern, and Eastern dance forms. Strengthens the body, improves balance, and nourishes the spirit. (Shoes optional)

Salsa y Salsa Demo Cooking Class

Salsa y Salsa Demo Cooking Class Enjoy a salsa making demonstration by Executive Chef Denise Roa, embark on an organic garden tour, and indulge in a healthy farm-to-table Mexican dinner. End the night salsa dancing to lively music with our own very talented Manuel Velazquez.

Soul Motion

Soul MotionSoul Motion™ is a conscious dance practice that explores creating movement from the inside of each dancer. Rather than prescribed “steps” or “choreography”, Soul Motion invites an inner inquiry into your own deep movement possibilities. Come and explore. – See more at:


Zumba at Rancho la Puerta A fun and effective aerobic dance class that features a blend of Latin and international rhythms.




Each week has a number of special events (see below). These take place in addition to the full slate of classes and activities led by our resident staff.
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