The most complete aquatic fitness program anywhere is now available at Rancho La Puerta. Licensed HYDROFIT instructors teach multiple classes each day in our spectacular new exercise activities pool—a facility especially designed for low-impact water workouts. No matter your age or fitness level, you’ll love the water at Rancho La Puerta and the almost miraculous results achievable when your body can exercise freely without impact.

Class Descriptions

The Wave

Accordion 125x100_water_2 Harness the power of liquid resistance and experience a body-friendly workout that feels good. Our low-impact, shallow-water class targets aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and balance.


Accordion 125x100_water_4

Deep-water training is an ideal no-impact addition to your Ranch week. Specialized HYDRO-FIT® buoyancy and resistance equipment strengthens and tones your entire body while pushing fat-burning systems into high gear. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.

H2O Boot Camp

Accordion 125x100_water_3This intense deep-water workout, using HYDRO-FIT® buoyancy and resistance gear, keeps your heart rate up, burns calories, and tones your entire body. All without impact to your joints and muscles. Working out hard never felt so good. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended. 

Swim Conditioning

Accordion 125x100_water_swimcondition

Improve your stroke technique and enjoy a great swim conditioning workout. Our coach is “on deck” to help you get the most from your swimming experience. All levels are welcome—from beginner to masters level. (30-minutes)

Aqua Ease

Aqua EaseSoothe muscle soreness and relieve body aches in our gentle movement class. Discover how water provides support, assistance, and resistance to improve balance, enhance flexibility, and restore mobility. Conducted in both deep and shallow water depending on weather conditions.

About Hydro-Fit

Rancho La Puerta proudly announces its new HYDRO-FIT aquatic exercise program, in partnership with renowned aquatic fitness pioneer Craig Stuart.

Here’s what’s in store for you…

Health and Fitness

Develop and maintain your functional health. Water provides the ideal environment to develop and maintain functional health. The natural buoyancy of water reduces weight-bearing stress, allowing greater ease of movement with less impact on joints and muscles. The increased density of water creates even and fluid resistance, toning and strengthening muscles with greater balance and efficiency. Whatever your current level of physical activity, water exercise is an excellent way to improve fitness, maintain health and restore vitality. Feeling good and looking better is as close as your nearest swimming pool.

Training and Conditioning

Achieve your training and conditioning goals. As an athlete, the unique physical properties of water provide support, resistance and assistance to help you achieve your training and conditioning goals. Running in deep water reduces weight bearing stress by 90 percent and equals land running in its effect upon maintaining VO2 max when training intensities and frequencies are matched. The positive effects of water training go beyond joint off-loading and cardiovascular fitness. By harnessing the increased resistance of water, runners and athletes can maximize their sport-specific strength gains required for competition. Optimal performance is as close as your nearest swimming pool.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Component of effective physical therapy program. Doctors, patients and therapists recognize that aquatic therapy is an important component of any effective physical therapy program. Early intervention is the key. The body must move to maintain function and promote healing. Water’s unique combination of buoyancy and resistance cushions and supports movement allowing exercise to be self paced while providing a soothing distraction from pain and stress. If you suffer from arthritis, the hydrostatic pressure of water helps stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation, relieving joint pain and discomfort. Feeling better is as close as your nearest swimming pool.

For more on HYDRO-FIT, see www.hydrofit.com.

Hydro-Fit Team

Craig Stuart

Craig250Craig Stuart is the founder and Director of HYDRO-FIT®. A certified fitness instructor with AEA and ACE, Craig leads the water exercise industry as an innovator, specialist, educator and fitness professional. He is well known for his educational techniques focusing on the practical application of water-specific skills to enhance group exercise instruction.  Craig is the 1992 recipient of the Contribution to the Aquatic Fitness Industry Award and the 2002 recipient of the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute’s prestigious Tsunami Spirit Award.

Dianne Hayes

dianne 184Dianne first came to Rancho La Puerta in 1980 as a guest.  That visit changed her life and introduced her to group exercise as well as a healthy lifestyle.  Back home, she found a class, attended it regularly and eventually became an instructor certified by ACE and the Cooper Institute…all while still visiting the ranch yearly. In 1988 she became a member of the “ranch family” of instructors, and has had the opportunity to teach a variety of class formats.  One of her very favorites has always been water exercises including Hydro-Fit, which she teaches here at The Ranch.  She loves introducing our guests to the amazing properties of water and its ability to enhance their exercise programs.

Margie Caldwell Cooper

marjie 184Margie has been instructing at the Ranch since 1993 as a rotating “all-around” Ranch Instructor.  Her classes include Hydro-Fit and Aquatics Specialist, but she also teaches Pilates, Yoga, Hiking, and more!  Her happiest moment at the Ranch is watching the sunrise from Mt. Kuchumaa in the winter, when the light is gorgeous.  She was awarded the Global Aquatic Fitness Instructor of the Year 2006 (from the Aquatic Exercise Association).

Monica Picard

Monica250Monica has been teaching Hydro-Fit Aqua Plus, Waterworks, Aqua Flow & Flexibility, Swim Clinic, L.A.B., Circuit Training since 2009.  Her hobbies include is a wife of one and mother of two and enjoys hiking, biking, BUNCO and my pets.  She was selected to work for Hydro-Fit in Merchandising and as a part of the Hydro-Fit Academy.



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