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Getting to your Center via the Paths of the Labyrinth: Cordelia Rose


Labyrinth13Three indoor evening sessions and two outdoor daytime sessions will be given. During indoor sessions participants will learn the history of labyrinths, the difference between a maze and a labyrinth, legendary designs, and more. Participants will learn to draw a classic labyrinth. In each session a 15 minute film will be shown of the different designs being used by humans and horses for various purposes, including healing.

In the first outdoor session participants will be led in walking meditation through the Ranch labyrinth with chanting of mantras and special finger movements. Afterwards various hasta mudras [hand poses] to nurture body, mind and spirit will be practiced. In the second outdoor session participants will make a full scale ephemeral classic labyrinth in the dirt, then will be led in Swedish maypole dances inside the labyrinth.

RoseC13Cordelia Rose was born and educated in England and left school when she was sixteen.  She improved her French, took fashion and life drawing classes, and went straight to work.  She started her career assisting the dress designer at the House of Worth in London, then worked on the reinstallation of the costume court at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  In 1970 Cordelia moved to Nairobi and, learning Kiswahili, worked as exhibition designer at the National Museums of Kenya.  She then moved to the United States, ending a long career in museums at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City.  She has taught museum registration and exhibition production from Taipei to New York and places in between.  Cordelia wrote a book in 6 languages -Courierspeak: A Phrase Book for Couriers of Museum Objects for which she received the Smithsonian Regents Publication Award.

Honored with the American Association of Museums’ Dudley Wilkinson Award of Distinction, Cordelia retired from life as a museum registrar in 2002 and moved from midtown Manhattan to a high desert mesa in southwestern New Mexico and started a second life as a hatha yoga teacher and labyrinth builder. Cordelia founded Glenwood Yoga in 2003 and combines the centering and meditative aspects of labyrinths and yoga when teaching.  Her first labyrinth was completed in 2002 and now five labyrinths of different designs and the plan of a maze make up Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths. Cordelia has built labyrinths at retreat centers, at museums with Art in Public Places awards, at an international labyrinth conference, and for private clients.  She has made short films showing the uses of labyrinths for humans, horses and healing.  Renewing interest in equine labyrinths, Cordelia has been leading workshops and riding her horses in her equine labyrinths since 2002.

Start Date: September 7, 2013
End Date: September 13, 2013


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