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Egoscue Method | Rick Mathes


In this class you will learn the basics of how your posture impacts the way your body feels and functions, and then we'll take you through a series of simple but powerful exercises designed to restore postural balance, improve your strength and flexibility and eliminate pain.  You'll also be given some free resources you can then use at home to continue moving your posture back to balance.  As you do so, you'll feel your body working more smoothly and efficiently, with greater power, strength and flexibility.


mathesR10Rick Mathes grew up in Tucson, Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona where he met his wife, Theresa. He held a position at Hughes Aircraft in Tucson for many years before being recruited in 1996 by Western Data Systems/Manugistics in Calabasas, California as a software architect/designer. While living in California, he discovered the Egoscue Method and began frequent seven-hour round-trip visits to the San Diego clinic. Rick had been experiencing chronic, debilitating pain since he was involved in a near-fatal auto accident six years prior. Doctors told him he would never run or play tennis again despite 19 months of physical therapy six times per week. Miraculously, in less than one year, Rick’s pain was gone; he was off all medications and was even back running and playing tennis again without pain. After experiencing how life changing the benefits of Egoscue can be, he became a certified Postural Therapist and opened the first franchised clinic with his wife, Theresa in Austin, Texas in 2003. Rick works with clients in the Austin clinic, gives talks at various businesses, and conducts frequent travel clinics to Dallas and Houston with another therapist. He also sees clients at a distance both by video and by digital photos.

Start Date: October 18, 2014
End Date: October 24, 2014


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