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Food Markets of the World: Paulette Mitchell


Mitchell_Paulette08Food markets where cooks mingle are a feast for the senses and a cornucopia of diversity. Paulette Mitchell shares her colorful photos and tales from places where food is not only sustenance but also a way of life.

Paulette will also present FOOD MARKETS OF CHINA: A slideshow on densely populated Chinese cities, where modern life contrasts with timeless traditions. See the food markets where freshness is so important that some Chinese housewives shop twice daily for meals that are appreciated not only for fine flavors but also for their health-promoting properties.

Paulette Mitchell, the author of 14 cookbooks, is known globally for her quick-to-prepare recipes with gourmet flair. She is recognized as the author of the award-winning 15-Minute Gourmet cookbook series. She also is a video producer, media spokesperson, freelance writer, culinary speaker, cooking instructor, and television personality. As an avid world traveler, Paulette is most inspired by flavors from diverse cultures both near and far. Paulette's most recently published cookbook is "The Complete 15-Minute Gourmet: Creative Cuisine Made Fast and Fresh."

Start Date: September 28, 2013
End Date: October 4, 2013


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