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Seeing the Possibilities – Bring Your Camera: Pat Harrison


HarrisonPat09Pat Harrison, Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman has been consistently inspiring Rancho La Puerta guests for over twenty years with her photography workshops. She will open your eyes to Seeing the Possibilities by noticing the world around you. You will enjoy a visual feast viewing the world through her lens. Pat will show you how to make your own delightful images by paying attention to very easy, non-technical guidelines. Learn how to share your best images from your travels. Her beautiful photographs from the Kremlin, the Yukon, Down Under and places in between serve as examples. Pat also shares her secrets behind creating people pictures with ease.

During the week, Pat invites you to view Rancho La Puerta from close up to wide angle. Sunday's evening program appeals to people with all levels of experience. It is entertaining, fun and informative. If you want more details - attend the Monday afternoon class. You can choose to participate in an assignment. Digital and film cameras will be discussed. There will be a presentation of the guests' images during Thursday's class. It will be important to attend Sunday's program to participate in the following sessions.

Learn how to “make a photograph” rather than “take a photograph.”

Award - winning professional photographer, Pat Harrison is an artist of great sensitivity and experience. She has been published in many magazines and her photographs are in the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America. She has been invited to lecture to audiences of professional and amateur photographers in the United States and Mexico.

On the Web : www.patharrison.com

Start Date: October 5, 2013
End Date: October 11, 2013


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