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Connecting People to Places: Susan J. Smith



Sunday 8 pm, Monday 4 pm, Thursday 8 pm

Connecting people to places is Susan J. Smith's goal, whether it be on her travel blog, (DesignDestinations.org) through her photographs or when she talks with friends over a cup of coffee around the kitchen table. Join her at the Ranch when she shares what she has learned on many trips to Paris and a recent marvelous experience in India.

Her talks will include:

Why is Paris such a big deal? What is so special about the city millions visit every year and why would you want to go there? Focusing on these questions, Susan will share the rich cultural history, subtle nuances and glittering glamour of this glorious City of Light.

Ok, you're going to Paris, now what? This talk will include ten very specific and practical suggestions and hot tips for making the most of a visit to the Paris. If you don't have a trip scheduled, you may want to plan one to the city that oozes history, art and charm.

The glories of India--a country of contrasts. Experience the sights, colors, mysteries and magic of the Northern India through Susan's eyes. Topics will include the religious experience in Varanasi........the Taj Mahal and why is it so magical...... the palaces of Rajasthan. Go on an exploration of the exotic temples of Khajuraho and explore the annual Pushkar Camel Festival.

Susan J. Smith, a mother, grandmother, wife and frequent traveler will take you away to foreign places this week while at Rancho La Puerta. Her background includes 30 years of newspaper writing in Fashion and Home Design, lots of community involvement and a passion for seeing the world.

In recent years she has reinvented herself as a travel blogger (DesignDestinations.org), using her writing and photography skills while she travels as much as possible.

Start Date: November 9, 2013
End Date: November 15, 2013


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