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Art of Acting: Cecil O'Neal


ONeilC12Art of Acting / Art of Life
Sunday 5pm
Many of the skills that are required for exceptional acting are also great tools for an exceptional life. Actors are at their best when they are living and responding “In the Moment,” when they are fully present experiencing and responding to what is happening now, not what they anticipated would happen, not what happened yesterday, not what they feared would happen. We are most alive and healthy when we are fully present, when we are able to set aside fears and habits and experience the moment. We are also much more effective at problem solving, decision making and relationship building when we are fully present.

We often confuse habitual behavior with natural behavior. Habitual behavior is one of our greatest impediments to living in the moment. Through a series of interactive acting exercises we will learn how to identify and begin to suspend those habits, which impede our living in the present. We will begin to develop the ability to discern the difference between habitual use and natural use of voice, body and emotional vocabulary.

History of Broadway
Tuesday 5pm

Mr. O’Neal will give an overview of the history of Broadway and the development of American commercial theatre. This will, of course, touch on the evolution of the American musical and the development of America’s regional theatre movement.

Cecil O’Neal is a Professor Emeritus of Theatre at Southern Methodist University. Before joining the Division of Theatre at SMU Professor O'Neal spent 20 years as a professional actor, director, and producer in the United States and Canada.

As a teacher and academic administrator, Professor O'Neal has lead one of the top university theatre programs in the country. Many of his former students are working steadily in film, episodic television, on the New York stage, in major regional theatres from coast to coast and are teaching in highly respected university theatre departments. His international teaching experience includes guest teaching at The National Theatre School of Canada and The Royal National Theatre Studio in London.

As a producer and director, he has worked in every sector of not-for-profit theatre, from small, highly respected "fringe" companies to the largest not-for-profit theatre in North America. He was a founding member of Chicago's Organic Theatre and founding producer of the Tony Award winning Victory Gardens Theatre, also in Chicago. He served as associate director of Tarragon Theatre in Toronto and as producer of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada.

In all three cities where he has been most active as a director, Chicago, Toronto, and Dallas, he has either won or been nominated for major professional awards for outstanding direction.

Professor O’Neal served two terms as a member of the City of Dallas Cultural Affairs Commission

Start Date: March 15, 2014
End Date: March 21, 2014


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