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Photography| Elizabeth Opalenik


opalenik1I have resolved to find something beautiful in each day. Something that will make me stop and be amazed. With camera in hand, I continue to seek those dreamlike narratives and ponder this incredible life. During our week at the ranch we shall apply life's metaphors to our journey using photography, journaling, and meditative walks to seek the beauty within.

We'll share stories, learn photographic techniques, play with digital infrared, defocus our subject to focus on intent, watch the light dance and learn how to capture it. Using each other we’ll learn simple tricks for making better portraits and use the sensual quality of water to change the feeling of an image. As we make portraits of nature, a beautiful still life or a ray of light reflecting off the pool, we’ll seek to find what drew us to the image. Cameras don’t take pictures, people do, therefore any equipment is acceptable or just come and learn a little more about photography and yourself.

opalenik2From her earliest days doing editorial assignments, Elizabeth Opalenik was recognized for the poetic grace and movement of her images. Today as a fine-art photographer and a much-sought-after educator she is sought for the sense of wonder and possibility she awakens in students. Elizabeth's one-of-a-kind images have been shown internationally and profiled in most major photographic publications. She considers images as stepping stones that trace where the mind has been, believing that they reflect the unique vision that each of us carries through life. Elizabeth says, “My teaching is based on the belief that all good photographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams. Photography is a way of seeing not only what is visible to the eye, but also sensed with the heart.”

Elizabeth privately conducts photography workshops internationally and in partnership with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, the Maine Media Workshops, National Geographic Expeditions and others. She uses photography as a metaphor for life in her workshops for women with cancer and other issues as they search for their inner beauty and strength. She encourages photographers to adopt a “what if?” attitude to view their subjects from many directions.

To learn more about Elizabeth, please visit www.opalenik.com

Start Date: June 7, 2014
End Date: June 13, 2014


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