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Gracious Hospitality and Mindful Presence – Experience Matcha Green Tea | Alice Esbenshade


Tuesday and Wednesday 1:00 pm


BurkeAE13Gracious Hospitality and Mindful Presence – Experience Matcha Green Tea
Japanese culture has treasured and appreciated Matcha over centuries, inspiring connectedness and hospitality. This presentation will introduce the history, benefits and use of Matcha, which is the Japanese word for powdered green tea, made from the delicate tips of the tea plant, Camelia Sinsensis. We will practice brief Mindfulness meditation before preparing the tea with traditional bowls and whisks, then enjoying the Matcha with tea sweets.
Inspired by the Japanese Teahouse in her backyard as a child, Alice studied Japanese language study at Stanford University and received a BA in Asian Religions. She studied tea ceremony at the Shugakkuin Rikkyu (The Emperor’s Detached Palace) and Flower Arranging with the traditional KyoFuRyu School in Kyoto. In 1997, she coordinated the donation, relocation and restoration of the family teahouse to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The teahouse has been officially named “ShinKanAn”, the “Look Through the Heart” Teahouse and houses a functional and active school of Cha-d0, the Way of Tea. Alice is an active tea student and volunteer. Alice is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice since 1991.

Start Date: September 27, 2014
End Date: October 3, 2014


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