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Primal Play™ | Nancy Parker


Do you feel all tied up in knots?  Do those aching pains return the day after the massage? This innovative left-brained approach to unwinding tension and improving posture will help rewire your brain and body, while effortlessly helping you to establish new habits and muscle memory.  Through Nancy’s strategically guided movements, this class can help you heal your back, knees, shoulders, and neck, while strengthening your core and improving balance.

Primal Play™ – Dance (Meditation Through Movement)
Are you ready to move stuck energy and unlock your full potential?  This right-brained therapeutic dance and playful movement class will reboot your body, mind, and spirit through flowing movements, guided meditation, and a carefully selected musical wave.  During this Divine Movement experience, we will explore how developmental patterns, somatic wisdom, chakras, and meridians can all combine to strengthen your capacity to thrive through movement. You will leave having blockages released, and feeling your physical and energetic equilibrium restored.

Primal Play™ – Lifestyle (Presentation and Discussion)
T, & Th, 4:00pm
As a wellness coach, specializing in whole health and nutritional well-being, join Nancy as she emphasizes how planning, procuring, prepping and consuming food can restore your playful, vibrant spirit.  Using basic, ‘back to our roots’, concepts, this workshop will guide you through a systematic approach to restoring health and vitality by focusing on the two main areas of being Balanced Well: Digestive Health and Hormonal Balancing. This is a two-part presentation.

PPL101  Flatten your belly…Finally! - Maximizing digestive health through lifestyle change
Eat right and exercise but still having difficulty shedding those pounds?  Come discover the missing links between what and how you eat, and how you look and feel.  In this workshop, you will discover how what you put in your mouth affects far more than just your waistline!  Learn once and for all, the factors influencing healthy digestion and elimination.

PPL102 Vibrant and well? Or Sick and Tired?- Hormone balancing through lifestyle change
Do you lack focus or concentration during the day and seem to have lost the drive in bed at night?  In this workshop, you will learn simple lifestyle strategies to help you thrive, not just survive.  You will leave with clear and defined, easy-to-apply tips to reducing stress, balancing your hormones, and realizing more natural energy in your body, mind and spirit.


Nancy-ParkerNancy Parker, B.S., Holistic Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

Nancy Parker was born to move. Formerly the head of the Therapeutic Exercise department at Rancho La Puerta, Nancy brings her 15 years experience as Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates Instructor, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach to Balanced Wellness.  As Director of Balanced Wellness, and Creator of Primal Play Workshops, her passion has inspired thousands of clients to heal themselves. Through keen observation and compassionate support, Nancy helps people transform more than their bodies.  Utilizing movement, nutritional coaching and strategic hormonal balancing, Nancy’s programs help her clients restore core integrity and vitality, while creating a playful, joyous connection to power, flexibility, and clarity like never before.  To find out more about how Nancy’s programs and workshops can help you balance your mind, body and spirit, or to order her DVD, Unwind and Align, visit balancedwell.com.

Start Date: December 20, 2014
End Date: December 26, 2014


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