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Photography Programs – Bring your Camera | Gary Harmatz


Gary HamatzJourney to the End of the Earth ….and Beyond
Saturday 8:00pm
Join travel and wildlife photographer Gary Harmatz, while he takes you to Antarctica, the land of dazzling landscape, crystalline glaciers and dramatic carved ice mountains soaring above an untamed frozen wilderness. You will experience the wonders of the natural world of the subcontinent’s wildlife including seals, penguins and whales. After which you will explore the Argentine and Chilean parts of Patagonia, ending at one of the great natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls.
Travel Photography for Everyone: Capturing the “Sense of Place"
Sunday 5:00pm
Whether you are a beginning photographer using an iPhone or point and shoot camera or a more advanced photographer using a sophisticated fully loaded camera, this workshop will assist you in capturing interesting and exciting photographs rather than ordinary snap shots.
Learn useful tips on how to see and use light, composition and the elements that make a photograph look good. Start telling a story with your pictures, capturing the “Sense of Place.”
Croatia…“Jewel of the Dalmatian Coast”
Monday 4:00pm
Explore with noted travel photographer, Gary Harmatz, this land of history, cultural heritage, beauty and enchantment. This colorful photographic journey will take us to a land of amazing waterfalls, lavender covered islands, ancient walled cities and sublime stretches along of Adriatic coast. Croatia is “the Mediterranean as it used to be.”
Mastering the Art of iPhone Photography
Tuesday 5:00pm
Worldwide, more photographs are now taken with the iPhone than any other camera. You will learn what you need to know in order to capture creative and dynamic images using this high-powered camera that is almost always at your fingertips. Gary will guide you through the use and selection of apps for enhancing and embellishing photos along with the tools you need to take amazing on-the-go photos.
Photographing the Ranch
Wednesday 3:00pm
We will spend an afternoon photographing the different environmentss of the Ranch. This will be a hands-on workshop utilizing the different techniques and knowledge gained earlier in the week. You will learn how to see light, composition, use of the flash and much more.
Ongoing Help Sessions
Individual help session for participants assisting with their photography using Adobe Photoshop is available.  Talk with Gary.

Gary Harmatz has been a wildlife, nature, travel and underwater photographer for over 26 years. As a wildlife photographer, his pursuit of adventure and those rare moments of capturing that intimate connection between man and animals have taken him around the planet. Whether it is photographing nearly extinct mountain gorillas in Central Africa, leopards in East Africa, orangutans in the rain forests of Borneo or to the frozen north to capture images of polar bears or baby harp seals, he has been able to capture the essence of these animals.  He has an extensive library of the major groups of animals from east, central and southern Africa. Gary’s nature and travel photography has taken him throughout Europe, Japan, the Bahamas, North and South America, Antarctica and Africa. He specializes in unique images from the grand scenic and exotic marketplaces to the fall foliage of New England. Underwater photography has brought Gary to the waters of Belize, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Palau, Truk Lagoon and the Maldives. The use of color in nature is his passion, whether photographing the magnificent fall foliage of New England, exotic colorful foreign lands or the muted colors of the American Southwest. Gary’s sense of color, light, composition and his ability to tell a story with his photography makes him a unique photographer and lecturer. He makes his home both on the Gulf coast of Florida and on the coast of Maine.

Start Date: May 10, 2014
End Date: May 16, 2014


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