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Love Cycles | Linda Carroll, M.S.


Linda Carroll 2014Love Cycles with Author and Therapist Linda Carroll: For all people interested in the topic of love, come to these very, popular, witty and informative sessions to enjoy a fascinating exploration of love's five paths and perils.  Each stage described is based on a synthesis of the current literature on marriage, intimacy, biology, and poetry through the ages.

Love Cycles - Monday 8pm:
Relationships are explored as a series of five stages through which we travel – from romantic bliss to rude awakening to disillusionment and sometimes despair until, finally and ideally, a resting place where love has grown deeper, richer and more settled.

Sexual Cycles - Tuesday  4pm:
Linda Carroll offers a surprise session which will sizzle with interest describing sexuality through the stages, covering issues of intimacy, passion and lagging libidos, as well as differences in desire. Linda will use anonymous questions and choose topics from her many years of experience as a "Hot Monogamy" therapist to create a lively and informative dialogue

Three Essential Skills - Wednesday 4pm:
Using a simple process, you will learn three of the essential skills in a relationship. Come with a partner, a friend or by yourself. These skills will help you in all your relationships.

Remembering Our Essence - Thursday 4pm
During this informal session, Linda will describe the writing of her book, “Remember Who You Are,” published by Conari Press in 2008 (and available at the Mercado). We will look at the seven stages of remembering our true nature through stories, poetry, imagery and questions.

Linda Carroll M.S. has been a practicing therapist for 35 years, specializing in couples. Called by some a “Marriage Whisperer,” she is a private consultant and coach to couples throughout the US.  She was trained in the Pairs process, is an Imago therapist and offers ongoing seminars called Love Cycles.    Linda’s book, “Love Cycles: Mastering the Five Essential Stages of Love,” will be published in September, 2014 by New World Library. She is the author of two other books. www.lindaacarroll.com

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