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Love Cycles | Linda Carroll, M.S.


Love Cycles | Linda Carroll, M.S.

Love Cycles with author and therapist Linda Carroll.

SESSION ONE. Relationships are explored as a series of stages through which we travel – from romantic bliss to rude awakening to disillusionment and sometimes despair until, finally and ideally, a resting place where love has grown deeper, richer and more settled. Each of the journeys described is based on a synthesis of the current literature on marriage, intimacy, biology, and poetry through the ages. This very popular short talk invites people in all stages of relationship, from single to those in a long-time commitment, to enjoy a witty, informative and fascinating exploration of love's path.

SESSION TWO. The Stages Defined. Decoding Love's Potion; Wisdom and Folly; How to Select an Appropriate Partner. The Inevitable Power Struggle; The Never Ending Loop; Learning the Counter-Instinctive Move; Finding Wholeness in a Difficult Relationship, on your Own or with Another.

SESSION THREE: Linda Carroll offers a surprise session which will sizzle with interest describing sexuality through the stages, covering issues of intimacy, passion and lagging libidos, as well as differences in desire. Linda will use anonymous questions and choose topics from her many years of experience as a "Hot Monogamy" therapist to create a lively and informative dialogue

Carroll_LindaLinda Carroll has been a practicing therapist for 30 years, specializing in couples. In the nineties, she and her veterinarian husband, Tim Barraud, began to teach a couples' course based on the Imago process of Harville Hendrix, the PAIRS training of Dr. Lori Gordon, and their own insights, study and practices. They continue to offer retreats and seminars all over the world, and Linda is currently at work on a book project, Love's Cycles, based on this work. In 2006, her memoir, "Her Mother's Daughter," was published by Doubleday, and in 2008 Conari Press published "Remember Who You Are."

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