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Becoming a Genuine Leader | Marilyn Mason, Ph.D.


Becoming a Genuine Leader | Marilyn Mason, Ph.D.

Becoming a Genuine Leader:  You Can and Should Go Home Again!. 

Marilyn Mason, PhDIf you Google “Genuine leaders” you will find over 25 MILLION references--yet how many genuine leaders do you know?  Despite the plethora of books, seminars and consultation help, we still read daily stories of failed leadership and the high costs to individuals, communities and their families—financially, emotionally and in health costs.  Too often leaders have not faced a basic fact:  The first organization we join is our first family, our family of origin.  It was there where we learned to be in a system—you learned your roles, your “rules” for belonging.  This lecture-discussion format includes assessment tools for identifying “family baggage” and recognizing qualities of genuine leadership that you can authentically carry in ALL your leadership roles!

Making Our Lives Our Own: The Six Challenges of Change

"You're only young once, but you can be immature all of your life" is an adage we know.   Just how do we find the “grown” in “grownup?”  In order to make our lives our own, we must face six challenges.  After age 20, it is our life experiences that shape our maturity, not chronology.  Life’s “stages” are not neatly ordered, as we all know.  Often it takes an awakening crisis to feel fully grown up.     When we can identify a model of adult development based on our life experiences, we can get on our own path to an honest model of adult growth. The way to wisdom is in facing six challenges:  leaving home, facing shame, forming an identity, unveiling our sexuality, speaking our voices and meeting our creative spirit.  These are not one-time quests, but an ongoing, spiraling process to make our lives our own.

Seven Mountains: The Inner Climb to Commitment

Commitment is essential in ALL our relationships – our commitments not only shape our lives, but give meaning to our lives. How does commitment fit in a high-tech society focusing on intensity and efficiency?  Commitment is more than a promise galvanized with endurance; commitment is a process.  We learn about commitment as we climb the "mountains of the mind."  This slide-lecture illustrates the elements of the commitment process through climbs and hikes Dr. Mason made in China's Mt. Tai Shan, Russia's Mt. Elbrus, Tibet's Mt. Everest, Africa's Mt. Meru, Devil’s Tower and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  "The door to the invisible must be visible."

Socrates said, "May the inward and the outward...be as one."

Marilyn J. Mason, Ph.D., President, Mason & Associates, LLC is an internationally recognized  consultant and speaker on leadership and  dynamics in business cultures.  She has been lecturing at Rancho La Puerta since 1990.  A personal and executive coach, she conducts numerous seminars and radio-TV appearances, including CNN and has made five appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  She consults  frequently with corporate management teams, foundations, family-owned businesses, philanthropic families of high net worth to facilitate meetings, board retreats and strategic planning.  She also works in executive leadership development and coaching.  She served on the faculty at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

The Director/Founder of Journeys Unlimited, Marilyn has led treks, climbs, raft trips and bicycle trips through Tibet, China, Greece, the Caucasus, Peru’s Inca Trail, Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Bhutan.  Marilyn’s small group wilderness journeys enhance personal and professional alignment.

The co-author of " Facing Shame" (Norton),  she has also written "Making Our Lives Our Own"  (Harper).   Her third  book, "Seven Mountains:  The Inner Climb to Commitment,"  published by Dutton, was followed by "Igniting the Spirit at Work." Her new book, "Becoming a Genuine Leader,"  will be released Fall of 2013.

Marilyn has received numerous awards for professional and community involvements.

Her work has been recognized in  The New York TimesUSA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.   Marilyn has served on many boards including The Voyageur Outward Bound School, The Hazelden Foundation, The Tibetan American Foundation (Chair), The Foundation for Monte del Sol Charter School (chair) in Santa Fe, and The Museum of New Mexico Foundation.  She was the founding Chair of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum’s Woman of Distinction Committee and is past President of the International Women’s Forum, New Mexico Forum.  Currently she serves on the Board of Rancho La Puerta and is  Board President of KSFR Radio of Santa Fe.  Marilyn is also Founding Committee member of The Women’s International Study Center.

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