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Television with a Message | Josh Berman


Josh Berman

Traditional Stories/New Media: Universal Themes of Humanity Found In A Hit Television Series

Josh Berman wrote and produced CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, for six seasons. His session will begin with the viewing of an episode of CSI entitled, “Werewolves”. In this episode, the CSI team solves the murder of a man suffering from hypertrichosis, the werewolf disease. The investigation leads to the victim’s sister, who also suffers from the medical condition, and has been living her whole life hidden from society. The viewing will be followed by a presentation in which Josh will explain how he chose the subject matter of each CSI episode and why he decided to write this episode, in particular. Thematically, “Werewolves” explores what it means to be “different” in a world where people are judged on their appearance, and how a single, small act of kindness can change a life. The presentation will be followed by Q & A.

Spiritual Underpinning of a Hit TV Show: The inspiration for Drop Dead Diva

Television writer/producer Josh Berman will present the premiere episode of his hit Lifetime series "Drop Dead Diva". Josh will introduce and screen the episode and then discuss how he went about creating, writing, casting, selling and producing this unusual, highly acclaimed comedy series about an skinny, vapid model who dies and comes back to life as a brilliant, plus-sized attorney.  He will also highlight how Hollywood perpetuates the beauty myth and why a plus-sized lead was considered groundbreaking television.  The pilot episode features series regular Margaret Cho, and the series has welcomed such guest stars as Paula Abdul, Kathy Griffin, Liza Minnelli and Rosie O'Donnell. The presentation and screening will be followed by a Q & A.

Exploring the Human Condition through a Television Show: Are you Being Serious?

In 2011, Lifetime Television aired an episode of Drop Dead Diva entitled: “GOOD GRIEF”. The episode explores grief and over-coming loss and in 2011 was a Humanitas Society nominee. The Humanitas Society honors television writers for their work which “explores the human condition in a meaningful way.”  Josh will introduce and screen the episode and then discuss the unique challenges presented in mixing comedy with tragedy. The presentation and screening will be followed by a Q & A.

JOSH BERMAN hails from Hollywood, California where he has worked as a television writer/producer for the past decade. He wrote and produced the CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for its first six seasons. Following his departure from CSI, he created two series for the Fox network: Killer Instinct and Vanished. Josh spent four seasons as Consulting Producer on the hit television series, Bones, while simultaneously writing and producing his own hit series, Drop Dead Diva, at Lifetime Network. Drop Dead Diva, which is currently airing its fifth season, is produced by Sony Pictures Television, where Josh’s production company is based. Drop Dead Diva was recently nominated for a Humanitas Award, which honors writers for their work which “explores the human condition in a meaningful way.”

Josh began his career in entertainment as a creative executive for NBC, where he oversaw the creative direction of over ten prime time series. He has a degree in public policy from Princeton University, law and business graduate degrees from Stanford University, and a Masters in History from Sydney University where he was a Fulbright Scholar.


Start Date: October 19, 2013
End Date: October 25, 2013


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