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The Front Burner | Maureen Clancy


Maureen Clancy

In a career that has spanned three decades and involved many millions of calories, MAUREEN CLANCY has found that life as a food writer is not just a bowl of cherries. The former food editor, columnist and restaurant critic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, will talk about the trends she’s observed; discoveries made (favorite cookbooks and kitchen gadgets she can’t live without); people met, lessons learned, and the unique experiences involved in eating for a living.  She currently writes “Matters of Taste,” a blog featuring travel adventures, restaurant reviews, chef profiles, book reviews, and day-to-day observations about the wonderful world of food.

HOW A FOOD JOURNALIST ATE HER WAY AROUND THE WORLD FOR THIRTY YEARS AND DIDN’T GAIN POUNDS OR INCHES.  It’s easy to turn any vacation anywhere into an experience that nourishes the soul, mind and body, and brings you home with no extra baggage!  Over the past decades, America’s baby-boomers have made a serious attempt to see everything, do everything and eat everything that the wide world has to offer.  As part of that army, and as Food Editor and Restaurant Critic (and later Food Columnist) of the San Diego Union-Tribune for 25-plus years, MAUREEN CLANCY traveled the world seeking good stories and great things to eat.  Yet, she managed to do it while remaining healthy, fit and trim enough to still fit into the dress she wore on her first date with the man who is today her husband of 43years!  Come learn Maureen’s secrets:  It’s all about balance, insight, and finding a fun activity that let's you work up an appetite for dinner!


Start Date: December 7, 2013
End Date: December 13, 2013


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