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Dream it, Dare it, Do it...To Timbuktu in a 182 | Robert Gannon


Robert GannongSaturday at 8 pm

Tonight we find out about ROBERT GANNON’s flying adventure around the world in a light aircraft - a Cessna 182. It began back in 1992 when he took off two days after passing his instrument check ride (three months after his first lesson) from San Diego headed to Paris, France for a Harvard Business Class reunion. Four months later he crashed in Kenya, totaled the airplane but walked away unhurt. He talked about finishing that trip for the next eight years and in 2000 he decided to quit talking and get at it. He bought another airplane, Lucky Lady Too, and left California for Hawaii (an 18 hour flight) and for the next ten years went west around the world in the southern hemisphere, then east around the world in the northern hemisphere. When he returned to San Diego 10 1/2 years later, he had landed in 1,200 places in 155 countries on all the continents, been down to Antarctica, over the North Pole, and even took medical supplies into Iraq during the war. He was able to see over half the 950 Unesco World Heritage sites. This entertaining presentation is full of maps, videos and photos from all over the world and can get us thinking about our own dream.

Bob Gannon grew up on a farm in Iowa with 13 brothers and sisters. He volunteered to be a combat medic in Viet Nam. His adult business life includes founding and growing a construction company, trading commodities on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and he is a Name at Lloyds of London. But his real passion is to explore the world with a small airplane.


Start Date: November 23, 2013
End Date: November 29, 2013


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