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Counterclockwise | Lauren Kessler


Lauren Kessler BookCounterclockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-Aging: A Discussion/Reading
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5 pm
Can you make yourself younger from the inside out?
In this new book, I take readers on a journey to find out.  In Counter-Clockwise I am at once the careful reporter, the immersion journalist and the self-designated lab rat.   I explore the frontiers of the anti-aging movement, separating the hope from the hype as I spend time with a lively cast of characters – from Nobelists to charlatans – and personally experiment with what the wide world of anti-aging has to offer.  I report back with wit, grit and insight.
Counterclockwise:  Growing Younger from the Inside Out –  The Workshop
This lively, interactive workshop, with self-tests, helpful hand-outs and “marching orders,” demystifies the world of anti-aging, separating science from wishful thinking, and real hope from pure hype.  We will take a look at the new science of “biomarkers,” the specific, measurable ways our bodies age, and investigate the many ways we can take control of the process.Chronological age is meaningless, say many of today’s experts on aging.  After age 35 or 40, the date on your birth certificate is one of the least accurate indications of how old you are.  Yes:  Every day you get older.  But the pace at which you grow older varies enormously.  We don’t have control of the former.  We do have far more control than we think of the latter.
“Growing Younger” is not about vanity.  It is about vitality. It is about increasing and enhancing energy and wellness in midlife and beyond so we can continue to live active and engaged lives.
Session 1: How old are you really?  (Chronological v biological age.  Why your birthday is the least accurate measure of your age.  Biomarkers and the science of aging.)
Session 2:  Better (younger) Living through Chemistry.  (Mitochondria, telomeres and stem cells…no you don’t have to be chemist to understand this and make it work!)
Session 3:  Eating your way young. (How super are Superfoods?  Do you need to detox?  Calorie restriction: The great news: It works!  The bad news: It works!)
Lauren Kessler

Lauren Kessler is the author of seven award-winning works of narrative nonfiction, including her most recent, “Counterclockwise: One Mid-life Woman’s Quest to Turn Back the Hands of Time.” Her books have been BookSense selections, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times bestsellers, and Pacific Northwest Book Award winners.  She is a national speaker and workshop leader who has twice been a guest on the David Letterman Show. Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, O magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Utne Reader, The Nation, newsweek.com and salon.com. She blogs at myteenagewerewolf.com and counterclockwisebook.com, and is a guest blogger at many sites.  She is the founder and director of the University of Oregon’s graduate program in multimedia narrative journalism. www.laurenkessler.com       lauren@laurenkessler.com

Start Date: January 25, 2014
End Date: January 31, 2014


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