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Once Upon a Time There Was a Story That Wanted To Be Told | Crescent Dragonwagon


Crescent DragonwagonTuesday 8 pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4 pm
Food, shelter, story: right after dragging back the kill (food) to the cave (shelter) our ancestors painted a picture of what they'd just done on the ceiling. Crescent Dragonwagon believes human beings are hard-wired for story: telling stories, listening to stories, watching or reading stories. Why? And how can we use the thirst for narrative that is encoded in our very beings to live a fuller, happier, more interesting life?
Equal parts entertainment, inspiration, theory, and practice, with a dash of 'improv' and movement, expect to surprise yourself. Elements of Crescent’s well-known “Fearless Writing” workshop are included.

Fearless Writing: The Workshop

As human beings we sometimes find ourselves stopped. By doubt in our own abilities. By unexpected change, demands on our time, illness, unfamiliar economic, technological, or social conditions. Fearless Writing offers writers and non-writers a way to stop being stopped. It harnesses the anxiety generated by chaotic conditions as a powerful creative force. Practical, effective, serious and playful, Fearless turns seemingly insurmountable obstacles into material --- from which we write, and build all-around thriving lives. Its practices and principles spill over, cornucopia-like: from writing, to creativity, to problem solving, to business and personal life.

Called "a red-headed, yarn-spinning woman" by the Chicago Tribune and "white-hot" by the Washington PostCrescent Dragonwagon is the author of over 45 published books in four different genres: novels, culinary memoirs, children's books, and poetry. The winner of the James Beard Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, a New York Times Notable, and the Porter Fund Prize, she co-founded the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a non-profit which has served more than 850 writers from 33 different countries. Born in New York City, she lived for 33 years in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, but now makes her home in Vermont. Exuberant, easygoing, and in love with writing, teaching, and listening, Crescent helps others reclaim their own creative powers of self-love and reinvention. She spends one week each month with her 98-year-old mother, the acclaimed children's book writer and editor Charlotte Zolotow.

Start Date: January 25, 2014
End Date: January 31, 2014


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