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Life in Life | Laurie Ann Levin


Exploring Our Multi-Dimensionality: Have you ever woken from a dream and felt that it was so real, it must have happened in actuality, perhaps on another plane or dimension? Have you ever felt the familiarity of a place you’d never been to before? Or sensed a memory or intuitive knowing just at the tip of your consciousness, while not quite being able to trace it to this particular life?

The study and practice of Life in Life™ allows us to hone those skills of intuition, bestowed upon each of us by infinite realms of guidance, protection, and inspiration.

For our first lecture, please join Dr. Laurie Ann Levin in exploring how to access these realms and all that they make available to us, based on our willingness to expand, and our commitment to demand what is best for ourselves and our lives. Being divine creatures of love and light, our potential for growth and fulfillment is as limitless as the loving support that is available within the universe.

Follow up sessions:

LIFE IN LIFE™ by Laurie Ann Levin, Psy.D.
Positive System: The second lecture will be an interactive experience where you will get to evaluate your thoughts and behavioral patterns, and decide which commitments and/or beliefs serve or hinder your spiritual growth. Meet your “Highest Self” and discover how much wisdom is within you and all around.

LIFE IN LIFE™ by Laurie Ann Levin, Psy.D.
Living in Illumination: Continuing the quest for illumination, Dr. Levin invites you to her third lecture, where we will meditate on the concepts of expansion, calling on assistance from the etheric planes, and interpreting the signs and signals that may be materializing for us at any moment. We will journal about our progress, and share ideas and perceptions within the group.

LIFE IN LIFE™ by Laurie Ann Levin, Psy.D.
Going Universal: Lastly, a heartfelt request will be made in our fourth session: that we be re-wired for a new, positive system of being, co-creating, “going universal,” and attuning to our vastness. Fully clued in to the power of producing the lives we truly want, we will complete this workshop with a renewed sense of self, fulfilled and inspired by unlimited access to the divine magnitude of Life in Life.

Start Date: March 14, 2015
End Date: March 20, 2015


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