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Sound Healing | Richard Learmont


What will it feel like in your body to be guided on a sound journey with powerful frequencies expressed through a multitude of ancient sacred musical instruments? Do you want to receive a sonic soul attunement experience?

Guided Sound Meditation is an amazing experience and opportunity to release your week filled with busy-ness and stress. It allows you the freedom to relax deeply, connect with your essence, find answers within to your questions and much more...... a beautiful way to honor yourself! Enjoy Tibetan gongs/bowls, tingshaws, bells, didgeridoo, drums, vocal over-toning, other sacred instruments and songs that serve to empower and awaken


Richard LearmontRichard's mission is to facilitate a remembrance of people’s true nature so they can experience love, freedom and bliss. He offers a synthesis of Sound Healing, Human Design Life Guidance, and Shamanism.

Richard experienced a "gift in the tragedy" which led him toward his lifelong devotion to musical performance and sound healing study. At age 17 Richard experienced a dangerous injury which fractured his C1 - Atlas vertebra and he wore a stationary "halo" for seven months. While playing his saxophone to soothe himself during his recovery process, he became aware of the extraordinary healing powers of sound vibrations in his heart, mind, body and soul. This acted as a turning point that inspired him to study Hindu mysticism and the yogic practices of the Siddha lineage learning about the potent powers of meditation, chanting and selfless service.

Richard's life work has culminated in the development of a potent healing product which was launched in 2014. REST Therapy’s integrated program empowers you to radically and naturally improve your personal health and wellness without drugs, major expenses, or dependence on others.

“Neuron’s that fire together, wire together. REST Therapy is the best at enabling the central nervous system to naturally fire together. With respect to the training of correct breathing and the activation of sustained relaxation response, the REST Therapy system distills thousands of years of wisdom into a user friendly program. Its positive effects are both immediate and profound.”

- Dr. Geoffery Nichols Ph.D, Neurologist

For more information on REST Therapy, check out this link: RestTherapy.com

Learn more about Richard at RichardLearmont.com

Start Date: February 14, 2015
End Date: February 20, 2015


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