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Mountain Trek


All inclusive, seven-night retreat: $4500 per-person, per-week


mountaintrekMountain Trek is a luxury health spa and fitness retreat in British Columbia Canada. We are the only mountain-based, hiking fitness and weight loss program in North America, with a beautiful lodge and limitless trails in pristine landscapes to explore in our area.

Twice a year, Mountain Trek at Rancho La Puerta brings our expertise in daily hiking, fitness classes and thought provoking lectures about stress, sleep health, nutrition and lifestyle to the Baja. A week or more with Mountain Trek will kickstart a new way of living, with guaranteed fat loss and muscle gain.

Our mature staff define how a lifestyle of health and fitness looks into middle age. We specialize in friendly, attentive care during full days of exploring at your fitness edge. The series of talks help guests to understand some of the factors that contribute to weight gain and ideas for how to create a new healthy balance. Guests leave feeling relaxed, full of light and energy, and inspired to make lasting positive lifestyle changes.

Our mission is to help you rediscover your vitality, the fitness and vigor you once knew, or to help you feel your potential for the first time. Our program at Rancho La Puerta combines our love of health with the Ranch's beautiful facilities, cuisine and landscape of the Baja.

Contact Mountain Trek for more information or to book your vacation retreat today: 1-800-661-5161 or  www.mountaintrek.com/rancho-la-puerta

Start Date: November 15, 2014
End Date: November 21, 2014


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