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How to Win at the Losing Game | Visiting Chef AJ


How to Win at the Losing Game. Chef AJ used to weigh 180 pounds and has not only successfully maintained a weight loss of over 60 pounds but has helped thousands of people achieve their ideal weight. In this informative lecture, Chef AJ will explain the science of Ultimate Weight Loss so that you can easily lose weight without going hungry. Calorie Density and Volumetrics will be thoroughly explained.

Setting Yourself up for Success -How To Thrive on a Healthy Diet. Have you ever noticed how when a celebrity goes on a healthy diet it's big news, and when they abandon the diet it's sometimes even bigger news? For various reasons, some people have trouble eating healthfully when they leave the Ranch. Chef AJ has followed a health promoting diet and lifestyle for over 36 years and has helped many people not only transition to a healthier diet but inspired others who fell off the wagon get back on, effortlessly and permanently. By understanding the hidden forces that undermine your success, Chef AJ will give you all the tools you need to thrive on a healthful diet. Any difficulty you may have encountered in the past on a vegan diet, such as family or social pressure, food cravings, or lack of support, to name a few, will be addressed.

How to Eat Healthfully Even When You’re Not at Home. Many of us eat pretty healthfully when we are at home. And it's super easy to eat healthy when we're at Rancho La Puerta. But what about when we aren't at home? From the candy dish at the office to the buttered popcorn at the movie theater, there is temptation pretty much every where we go. And as a vegan, going to parties, dining at restaurants or eating at other people's homes who aren't vegan can sometimes be a challenge. And what about traveling? How can you find anything healthy to eat at the Memphis airport? This can be challenging enough when you're a healthy eater, but what if you have further dietary restrictions such as Kosher or gluten free, or you have food allergies? Chef AJ has many of these restrictions too, yet has mastered all of these situations with her usual aplomb and will give you time tested tips and tricks so that you can eat healthfully ANYWHERE! Chef AJ has been on the road for almost four years now and has traveled everywhere from Wasilla, Alaska to New York City, and to towns so small in the Midwest and deep south they didn't even have a Costco, Whole Foods or Trader Joes! After attending this lecture you will never have to go hungry or be afraid to leave your home ever again.


Chef AJChef AJ, the author of UNPROCESSED, is the former Executive Pastry Chef at Sante in Los Angeles, CA. A culinary instructor for the past 13 years, she teaches people how to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet in ways that are easy, delicious and fun. Chef AJ has followed a plant based diet for over 35 years and is proud to say that her IQ is higher than her cholesterol.

Start Date: September 20, 2014
End Date: September 26, 2014


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