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The New Ranch Wellness Program

Meditation at Rancho La PuertaI am happy to introduce Wellness FX, The Ranch’s new health partner. With them we have designed a health program available for all Ranch guests. It’s a fast and easy way to obtain a deeper understanding of your health, possibly detect medical issues, and in turn prevent disease — without ever having to step into a doctor’s office. The program compliments a stay at The Ranch because it shows you how to improve your wellbeing from the inside out, and in turn, you can custom tailor your Ranch exercise schedule and meal choices based on your specific needs. Trust me, the program will motivate you to enhance your health – and The Ranch is the ideal environment to do it in.

I took a Wellness FX’s RLP Comprehensive program, which provided a complete blood count, a basic thyroid check, a blood sugar and vitamin analysis, and a close look at my heart, liver, and kidney health. All I had to do was take a blood test, and within a week and a half I received a 20-minute consultation with an all-star nutritionist, online records of my test results, and personalized health tips.

It was easy to setup the program. I purchased the RLP Comprehensive package online, created a Wellness FX account, and printed out a blood draw order for Quest Labs. Quest Labs are all over the United States, and I scheduled an appointment near my home in San Diego. I was instructed to fast for 12 hours before the tests and to avoid vigorous exercise prior to the draw.  By the week’s end I had completed my blood draw, and six days later I received my online test results.





My biomarker (measurable indicators of my biological state) data was easy to interpret. The results were color coded in a way that resembled a traffic light; anything highlighted in green meant I was healthy (see above). Red meant STOP – something was wrong. If I wanted to learn more about a biomarker I could click on the result and view a graph that showed if I was in the red or green zone (pictured below). Each biomarker also had a corresponding medical definition, explanation of how it affects health, and informational video.

HDL WellnessFX

To further understand the data, I spoke with a specialist who has a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian. The nutritionist was friendly, knowledgeable, and sharp. She had clearly analyzed my medical history profile before our call, addressed all of the questions I had sent her in advance, and thoroughly explained my results.  The nutritionist provided helpful tips on how to improve my diet, and after our meeting she posted her recommendations to my online Wellnsess FX profile.

The RLP Comprehensive program was convenient and simple to go through.  In the future I want to try the RLP Premium panel, which tests female specific hormones, Omega 3 index, advanced nutrients, and metabolic function. I’m also excited about the Advanced Thyroid panel. This is a great addition to either package, as a significant portion of post-menopausal women develop a thyroid condition. According to The American Thyroid Association, 60% of people with thyroid disease are unaware they have it. Thyroid imbalances can be difficult to identify and diagnose through a doctor’s visit, and the information the panel provides can help to put women on track to higher energy, better sleep, and better weight management. Overall the program gave me great insight into my health. I will share my results in a follow up blog!




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