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Savor the Ranch

rancho la puerta

We love this beautiful photo by photographer David Josue, highlighting our organic farm, La Cocina Que Canta as a beautiful setting for engagement and wedding photos.

rancho la puerta 2

Recently we had raw food YouTube guru, Rawvana visit The Ranch, which was a great honor. We love the stunning footage and photos she posted from her trip on her YouTube Channel and Instagram!

rancho la puerta 3

We also had the talented travel writer, David Duran visit The Ranch and share his experience via some amazing Instagram photos!

rancho la puerta 7

Chef Virginia Willis enjoyed The Ranch outside of teaching our guests by hiking Mt. Kuchumaa!

rancho la puerta 6

Beautiful photos of nature’s art at The Ranch by guest especial_ness.

rancho la puerta 5

“Picking the most delicious sweet and fresh strawberries at the organic garden in @rancholapuerta! Want one?”  Rawvana

rancho la puerta 4

“Obligatory meditative relaxation pose. @rancholapuerta is stunning and it really does provide a peaceful backdrop.”  David Duran

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