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Health and Astrology with Leslie McGuirk

Health and Astrology

Health and Astrology for Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces will feel healthy and at peace when they nourish their bodies and minds. Just as there are two fish swimming in opposite directions in their sign, there are two distinct routes to wellness for Pisces. The first is to utilize that incredible Pisces imagination and channel that creativity into an artistic outlet. The second route to wellness is to go within and have regular meditation and relaxation practices.

Pisces are often talented in design, photography, sculpture, music, and dance. Since fish need water, taking a watercolor class with The Ranch’s artist in residence and fellow Pisces, Jennifer Brandt, would be very therapeutic. Dance classes at The Ranch are also great for these fish. Pisces natural love of music combined with body movement, make them the perfect candidates for NIA classes taught by fellow Pisces and Ranch instructor, Maya Griggs. Anything that gets their toes tapping is good medicine. After all, their sign rules the toes and feet, so keeping them grounded and moving to the music is a healthy option.

Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, acts on the nervous system, and Pisces, being a water sign, is ruled by emotions. Pisces can become so emotional, and feel everything so intensely, that they can make themselves sick. Phyllis Pilgrim’s Inner Journey weeks at The Ranch are ideal for Pisces because she teaches meditation techniques that will help the fish let go of tension. Pisces will love these classes as they are made to soak up inspirational teachings like a sponge.

While the fish are at The Ranch, they should sign up for a Blissful Journey Pedicure. The fish need to remember that keeping their well-manicured feet on the ground is one of the best things for their emotional and physical well-being! Remember, a balance of grounding, creative activities, and meditation are the keys to total wellness.

Leslie McGuirk has been presenting her QUEST FOR INSPIRATION workshop at The Ranch since 2001, and more recently she has been teaching Ranch guests the unknown wonders of Astrology. She is a well-known author and illustrator of 20 children’s picture books, and a motivational speaker about the importance of creativity. As a professional Astrologer with over thirty years of experience, she has clients around the world and speaks at Astrology conferences. Please visit her websites at and



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