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Savor The Ranch

We have a new batch of Savor The Ranch photos to share with you!  Here are our favorite photos from guests who have tagged their Instagram pics with our official hashtag #SavorTheRanch. Enjoy!

rancho la puerta

Photo by Mari Smith  “Greetings from gorgeous, sunny Mexico!!! I’m enjoying a glorious mini-vacation this week at @RanchoLaPuerta!! Ahhh truly heavenly so far! Picturesque setting, über healthy organic eats, plenty relaxation, spa treats … and classes galore! Yoga, dance, tai chi, crystal bowls, chanting, meditation, watercolor and early morning hikes! LOVE it!”

rancho la puerta 2

Photo by Paola

rancho la puerta 3

Photo by Staci “Beautiful view from a villa patio.”

rancho la puerta 4

Photo by Staci “View of the ranch from Alex’s Oak.”

rancho la puerta 5

Photo by Yoni Mayeri “Selfie with Sebastian who is a Watsu therapist at Rancho La Puerta. If you visit be sure to get a treatment from him!”

rancho la puerta 6

Photo by Mindi Broughton “Going to miss the beautiful vistas at the ranch.”

rancho la puerta 7

Photo by Allison Davis O’Keefe

rancho la puerta 8

Photo by Yoni Mayeri “Artist Tim Hinchliff demonstrates yarn painting on beeswax and pine resin. His large pieces grace the walls of many public rooms at Rancho La Puerta.”


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