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Organic Farming with Salvador Tinajero

Cooking school and organic farm 2

Cooking school and organic farm 3

Cooking school and organic farm 10

Cooking school and organic farm 4

Cooking school and organic farm 5

Cooking school and organic farm 8

Cooking school and organic farm 12

The photos above capture a lovely evening at our organic farm, Tres Estrellas.  The Ranch guests and I were there for the Tacos y Tacos cooking and dance class, and we spent some time roaming the gardens with Chef Reyna while the sun was setting. That’s where we found the man that makes the magic happen, Head Gardener Salvador Tinajero.

In the garden we picked fresh lettuce, chard, onions, and kale. As always, Salvador encouraged us to take a bite out of the fresh veggies pulled straight from the ground.  These vegetables were delicious in their natural state – no additional flavor was necessary.

If you have been to any of the cooking classes at La Cocina Que Canta or attended the early morning Organic Breakfast Hike, chances are you’ve met Salvador and spent some time in the garden with him.  If you haven’t, be sure not to miss these gourmet activities!

It’s always a pleasure to spend time at the farm with Salvador and the rest of the La Cocina family.  The work they do at the farm is amazing and there is always an incredible meal waiting to be enjoyed!


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