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Head to Toe Relaxation Massage

The Head to TRanchJan20140433oe Relaxation Massage at the Villas Health Center transports you into 90 minutes of brilliant “moisturized” bliss. This massage served as a mental eraser that took away my stress and transformed me into a better version of myself.

At the start of the treatment, I was presented with a choice of Pino Massage Candles, with scents like lemon grass, lavender, honey ginger and coconut mint. I chose Lime Bamboo. The wick was lit, and the candle melted into massage oil under its warm glow. My masseuse, Marilu, drizzled a dollop of the oil onto her hands and waved them under my nose: it smelled like a tropical vacation.

Next, Marilu started with my head, making smooth circular rubs onto my scalp, wiping away any turbulent thoughts from my day. She then poured the warm candle o20151016RLPHeadToToeil onto the back of her hands and arms before gliding them from my neck down across my back. Her arms were gentle and warm as she rubbed her way down to my toes. I heard a bird sing outside the window as Marilu massaged the reflex points of my feet.

When I flipped over, I noticed that Marilu had heated the massage table. She covered me with a sheet and heated my chest.  Any thoughts I had were chased away by the warmth, leaving me to enjoy the rest of my treatment.  By the time she reached my feet again, she wrapped them in warm oiled booties, and any plan I had of staying awake was gently shuttered.

I’m not sure what woke me up from a tranquil Head-to-Toe Relaxation Massage first—my loud snoring, or the gentle touch of Marilu’s hand on my shoulder telling me the treatment was complete.  I had tried to stay awake but by the time she was massaging my feet I was deeply sleeping in la-la land, totally relaxed.  My skin was hydrated and I felt fantastic.

I slept great that night.

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