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Strategies for A Healthy New You

Rancho La PuertaIt’s never too late to reaffirm the goals we have set for ourselves throughout the year.  However, in the midst of our complex lives, there are many obstacles and distractions that prevent us from reaching our true potential.

What is the one thing that will allow us to achieve our goals day after day?  Our health.

Without it, we cannot make the award winning presentation, participate in the mother/daughter tennis tournament, or travel to a foreign country to help the poor.  Simply put, health is the cornerstone upon which our lives are built.

What’s the key to long lasting health and wellness?   It is within us and different for each of us, as unique as our fingerprints.  But the path to finding this answer is universal: CHOICE.

Over 70% of diseases in the US are related to behavior and lifestyle, and every day we make decisions that will affect our health.  We can make choices that will enhance our lives and help us on our journey to wellness, or we can make choices that will erode our physical, mental and emotional health.

How can we keep health in mind when we are faced with so many daily choices?

Here are some simple suggestions to help you stay focused on the value of health:

  1. Be clear with yourself about how high you value your health–the value higher on your list often wins!
  2. Educate yourself!  Take time to gather healthy resources around you – from healthy recipes, to new workouts and meditation classes.
  3. Plan for your wellness.  Specifics on the what, how, when, and most importantly why make it easier to choose wisely.
  4. Focus on the positives of good health, not on the consequences of bad health.
  5. Forgive yourself when you don’t make the best decision – we’re human and we will make mistakes.   What’s important is that we learn from those mistakes.

If you feel you are ready, then now is your time.  Make your plan, gather your resources and commit to a strategy of long-lasting lifestyle changes and creating a healthy new you!

At Lifewellness Institute (, we are passionate about being a trusted medical advocate for individuals, families and corporations.  We specialize in facilitating positive life-transformations.  Lifewellness provides medical guidance for Rancho La Puerta’ s Executive Wellness Program, where each guest’s experience can be customized according to their health and wellness needs.


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