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The Exchange of Ideas

ranch10130398.jpgI view Rancho La Puerta as a spa and fitness vacation with TED Talks. While my body and soul are nourished, the expert lectures stimulate me intellectually and encourage me to evaluate the way I live my everyday life. The knowledge I gather ranges from the Ayurvedic supplements I need to incorporate into my diet to ways I can begin to think more creatively.

No matter how long I visit Rancho La Puerta, even if it is just for the Saturday at the Ranch program, the people I meet  are fascinating and eager to learn more about the world. During one breakfast I learned tips on how to write a novel.  I recently sat down to lunch with a table of guests who were passionately discussing the omega fatty acid content in organic versus non-organic eggs.  At a dinner I took down information on where to get the best traditional Korean massages in Los Angeles. I always carry a tiny notebook with me wherever I go so I can take notes on what I learn!

While I learn something new every time I go to the Ranch, I do take time to quiet my mind and relax. Sitting alone in nature allows me to completely unwind. Yet I also enjoy going to the Ranch’s library, which provides a quiet space where I can absorb information from books.

I love the intellectual component of the Ranch. I love that it fosters ideas and discussions. I am certain that  Rancho La Puerta’s co-founder Professor Edmond Szekely, who helped to begin this intellectual culture, would be pleased to see where the Ranch is today.



A Day on Our Organic Farm

Sometimes there is nothing that calms my mind more than being surrounded by Mt. Kuchumaa and flowers in bloom.  Yesterday we spent time with Chef Denise Roa and head gardener Salvador Tinajero on our organic farm, Rancho Tres Estrellas.  The weather … Continue reading



Mr. Gizmo

If you’ve been to the Ranch recently, then most likely you will have seen Gizmo roaming around.  One of our resident kitties, Gizmo is probably the most vocal, asking politely for pets and attention.  On this particular day, it was … Continue reading



Family Week 2013

Starting in 2012 we brought back our annual Family Week which has grown tremendously now in 2013!  It’s a chance for our guests to bring their children to experience The Ranch.  It’s also a chance for parents and children alike … Continue reading



I absolutely love this sculpture in front of our yoga studio and meditation room.  Her name is Meditacion and she was sculpted by Victor Hugo Castaneda around 1996.  Meditacion is one of a series of 7 copies which have all been sold.  The … Continue reading


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