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How The Ranch Provides

Rancho La Puerta VacationThe last week of May I arrived at Rancho La Puerta ready for a wonderful week. Unfortunately my suitcase, with the vast majority of my stuff, went its own way to the Bahamas by mistake. I was traveling with my daughter who fortunately over packed and is only a little smaller than I am.

After thinking about my experience, the best place to be without your clothes is Rancho La Puerta. To begin with, there is no judgement here.  Most people knew pretty quickly that I was the one with no suitcase. When I wore a different t-shirt, they would say, “Your suitcase arrived,” and I replied “No, this shirt is another one of my daughters.”

Although I borrowed many things from Elizabeth, I started to appreciate all the amenities that are provided at The Ranch such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

At The Ranch’s Health Centers there is sunblock, body lotion, shaving cream, deodorant, hair mousse, brushes and combs, and mouthwash available for all guests.  Makeup can be purchased at The Women’s Health Center. They even have a laundry room and a full laundry service if you need it.  There is also a library just in case you want to read a book. Newspapers are available in the lounges as well as WIFI.

At the Mercado I purchased a toothbrush, a pair of workout capris and a T-shirt, as I could hardly do my laundry naked. Everything else was either provided by RLP or borrowed from my daughter. My hiking sneakers were luckily in her suitcase along with my hat.

The things I missed most were my toothbrush, my hairbrush, and my sunglasses.

What I appreciated the most were the thoughtful comments by the guests and the staff who made multiple phone calls on my behalf whilst I was dancing and hiking, doing Pilates and yoga, and having a fabulous time.

One lovely man who heard my plight said, “Well you always look wonderful.”  This absolutely made my day. Rancho La Puerta made my week glorious as they always do.

The lesson learned is that next time I will fly with carry-on luggage only!

Written by Ranch Guest Sara Lepie



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