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Healing Therapy (Trigger Point) Spa Treatment


I love spa treatments that create significant shifts within the body. I recently experienced this type of shift — a tremendous release of my muscles — when I had the Healing Therapy (trigger-point technique) at the Villas Health Center. This customized ninety-minute treatment addresses chronic pain and restricted movement using techniques such as trigger-point, myofascial, and neuromuscular release. Though there are some massage elements, it’s not a relaxing treatment; rather, it’s therapeutic, restorative, and energizing. Overall, I loved the Healing Therapy because it released my body’s tension, stress, and muscle stiffness.

Mike was my therapist, and he was incredible!  He’s a master masseuse; always applying the perfect amount of pressure to the right spots.  Mike started the treatment by asking me where I hold the most tension, and I explained that my neck, shoulders, and upper back are stiff from slouching. Next, I was given a choice of lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, or rosemary scented organic massage oil. I picked lemongrass; I love its uplifting yet calming aroma. Mike lightly massaged my entire body to encourage it to relax it for the more intense healing techniques that followed.

I have tons of “knots,” which are contracted areas deep within my muscle fiber. Mike applied strong pressure to each knot with his hands, slowly increased the pressure for ten to thirty seconds, and then let go. This technique is called trigger point therapy, and it encourages blood and oxygen flow to hyper-tensed muscles. It heals soreness, releases toxins, and helps build muscle strength. After he worked on my knots, Mike vigorously massaged my neck, shoulders, and upper back. He then cradled my head and neck in a soft cloth, and gently guided the cloth upwards, which encouraged a long and rejuvenating stretch.

The Healing Therapy restored my body. Yes, there was some temporary discomfort triggered by working on long-locked-up tissues, however, I felt energized and renewed after the treatment was over. I also drank plenty of water to continue to flush toxins out of my body and rested in the sauna for an added release. The Healing Therapy is a powerful and restorative treatment, and I encourage anyone who suffers from chronic muscle discomfort or tension to try it.



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