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Savor the Ranch

It’s that time again. Savor the Ranch time.

Below we share some of our favorite Instagram photos our guest have tagged with our official hash tag, #SavorTheRanch.  Don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos of The Ranch so we can share them too!   Enjoy…

Rancho La Puerta 6

eatingbirdfood On top of Mt. Kuchumaa this a.m. One of my favorite things about @rancholapuerta has been the morning hikes. Taking in the view, living in the moment and being thankful for all that my body allows me to do.

Rancho La Puerta 5

sparklemanatee Rancho La Puerta here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo excited!!! Who’s jumping into the activity pool the second she gets there? ME!!!!! Yeeesss! Water week!!!

bingo at Rancho La Puerta

sparklemanatee Bingo with Barry at Rancho La Puerta! It’s an event not to be missed! Yes, we made tshirts! Barry was totally impressed! Everybody won but me!!

Rancho La Puerta muslei

eatingbirdfood This Breakfast muesli from @rancholapuerta is #ontheblog today. It’s delicious, perfect for summer and one of my favorite breakfast options at The Ranch. Hope you love it too!

Rancho La Puerta 7

savorysweetlife Most amazing early morning hike to the @rancholapuerta farm where they grow all the fruits and vegetables for the meals on the ranch. 

Rancho La Puerta

jlndesign I am SO here.

Rancho La Puerta 3

eatingbirdfood Another little art project from my stay at @rancholapuerta. I think I might frame it. 

Rancho La Puerta 2

theelhefe Just you and I through fields of joy.

Rancho La Puerta 4jpg

sweetjuliane Wine down for what? 

Rancho la Puerta guacamole

savorysweetlife The best guacamole I’ve tasted, and it’s lower in fat because of a secret ingredient. Frozen peas. If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me. Sharing the world famous recipe from @rancholapuerta today on SSL


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