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Reflections of a Ranch Docent


IMG_3865I am lucky to be a host at a weeklong party which features delicious, healthy, and beautifully presented food, a stunning setting, and constant entertainment. At this party there is always an opportunity for all the guests to learn and grow. 

I am a docent at Rancho La Puerta.   I make it a point to check in with guests at the party throughout the week, and each day they glow a little more.  Some arrive off the bus stressed from a long flight or a heavy work schedule, but as they encounter the natural beauty and calm of The Ranch, they become more peaceful and begin to look relaxed and happy.   Everyone leaves the party with new friends, new knowledge, and many depart with plans to return again soon.

Such is the magic of Rancho La Puerta.  I am very blessed to be here for a month and support guests as they find their way and decide on which of the many classes and activities to attend.

Each week is unique in that it brings a new group of special presenters and guests with somewhat of a different vibration.  However, everyone always benefits from the healthy food, exercise, beautifully landscaped grounds, and stimulating classes.

On Saturday I greet all the guests, provide tours, lead the New Guest Orientation, and make suggestions about how to best enjoy The Ranch.  Early in the week I attend all of the evening programs and am available to assist guests with any of their needs.  I am also at meals, classes, and support guests who have questions or need directions.    I get extra exercise appearing from place to place and leading tours; one guest said he was sure I was a twin because he saw me everywhere.  When guests arrive mid-week, I bring them up to speed, give personalized tours, and help plan their schedules.  I  provide the tools guests need to acclimate quickly.

It is wonderful to give back to a place which has offered so much to its guests for so long. There is a deep sense of history here; we just celebrated the 75th anniversary. I am grateful to be a part of The Ranch family.

Written by Susan Friedman




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