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Health and Astrology Series: Sagittarius

Dance class at Rancho La PuertaThis is a blog series where we feature a different astrology sign every month along with specific health recommendations for that particular sign.  This month is dedicated to the Sagittarians of the Zodiac, November 23-December 22. 


Sagittarians are some of the most active and vibrant people of the zodiac.  Sagittarius people love to eat, but thankfully they also love to exercise. These colorful souls are always on the move. They have more energy than most, and are always game for adventures. They are also the most likely sign to indulge, and possibly eat too many sweets. Cinnamon is an excellent supplement that can help to lower blood sugar levels, and this spice can help Sagittarians counterbalance their sweet tooth*.

Since Jupiter is Sagittarian’s ruling planet, they have a tendency of being excessive in all areas: too much exercise, too much eating, and too many adventures! Because of this, it is hard for a Sagittarius person to deal with limitations. Many Sagittarius Ranch guests will zoom from one class to another. I highly recommend wandering around the many pathways of Rancho La Puerta instead of attending back to back classes in a gym. There are lots of nooks and crannies on the property, and magic is waiting to be discovered around every corner.  Walking around the The Ranch will also provide a workout and be relaxing.

All Sagittarians, at times, can be considered extravagant. If there is one class at The Ranch that is over the top, it is the Striptease Class with Manuel.  Bold Sagittarians should try this class at least once!  They are also lovers of luxury, so The Ranch’s health centers are perfect for them to relax, unwind and indulge in deluxe spa treatments.

In the winter months, one of nicest ways for a fire sign like Sagittarius to conclude a full day of exercise at The Ranch is to return the casita and light a fire in a  lovingly prepared fireplace. There is nothing sweeter than going to bed under a cozy blanket with the smells and sounds of a crackling Rancho La Puerta fire. For a Sagittarian, this is pure bliss.

McGuirk_Leslie2authorpicsizedLeslie McGuirk has been presenting her QUEST FOR INSPIRATION workshop at The Ranch since 2001, and more recently she has been teaching Ranch guests the unknown wonders of Astrology. She is a well-known author and illustrator of 20 children’s picture books, and a motivational speaker about the importance of creativity. As a professional Astrologer with over thirty years of experience, she has clients around the world and speaks at Astrology conferences. Please visit her websites at and

Leslie will be teaching her Quest for Inspiration workshop and Astrology Part I and II at The Ranch the week of January 31st – February 6th in 2015.

* National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.S. National Library of Medicine. (2013, September).  Cinnamon Use in Type 2 Diabetes: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Retrieved from


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