These are handouts from various classes we offer at The Ranch.  Enjoy!


Art and Humanities

acrobat2011 Everyone Can Draw; Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain by Linda Sirow

acrobat2011 How to Create a Lost Family Recipe by Joanna Pruess

acrobat2011 How to Handle Stage Fright by Frederic Chiu

acrobat2011 How To Make A Rancho La Puerta Garden At Home – Wherever You Live by Valerie Easton

acrobat2011 How to Read a Movie by Marshall Marcovitz

acrobat2011 How to Simplify Your Gardening Life by Valerie Easton


acrobat2011 Creating Your Own Climate Action Plan by Dr. Lisa Shaffer

acrobat2011 Reading List for Climate Change by Dr. Lisa Shaffer


acrobat2011 Brain Balance

acrobat2011 Executive Wellness Program with Lifewellness Institute

acrobat2011 G-Spot Handout by Beverly Whipple

acrobat2011 Male and Female Sexuality Changes by Beverly Whipple

acrobat2011 Rev. Debra W. Haffner Referrals and Recommendations

acrobat2011 Sensuality and Sexuality by Beverly Whipple

acrobat2011 Women’s Health by Beverly Whipple


acrobat2011 Book List for Couples by Linda Carroll

acrobat2011 Love Cycles Part 1 by Linda Carroll

acrobat2011 Love Cycles Part 2 by Linda Carroll

acrobat2011 Love Cycles Part 3 by Linda Carroll

acrobat2011 Love and Desire by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011 The Hidden Dimension of Human Communication by Susan and Peter Glaser

acrobat2011 Top 10 Books for Relationships via Linda Carroll


acrobat2011 Kaballah Bibliography by Rabbi Leah Novick

acrobat2011 Kaballah Centers by Rabbi Leah Novick

acrobat2011 What is Kaballah? by Rabbi Leah Novick


acrobat2011 The Zen of Travel by Barbara Gilmore and Peg Harvey-Sweeney

acrobat2011 Travel Packing List

acrobat2011 Trekking Through the Himalayas by Linnea Christiani

acrobat2011 Trek Outfitters for Trekking Through the Himalayas


acrobat2011 Freelance Editors Recommended by the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

acrobat2011Discovering Your Inner Child by Elizabeth Levy

acrobat2011 Find the Giraffe (Writing Exercise)

acrobat2011 Books on Writing Recommended by the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

acrobat2011 Pen the Perfect Nonfiction Book Query Letter by Leslie Levine

acrobat2011 How to Write a Compelling Book Proposal by Leslie Levine

acrobat2011 Query Letter Essentials (Think Like an Editor) by Leslie Levine

acrobat2011 Rejection Letter by Leslie Levine

acrobat2011 Mining for Your Life Stories by Joel Ben Izzy

acrobat2011 How to Write About Your Life Reading List by Sarah Mahoney and Susan Crandell

acrobat2011 Resources for Writers by Joelle Delbourgo



acrobat2011 Aerobic Fitness Walk Test

acrobat2011 Fitness Walking Handout by Lynn Weigand

acrobat2011 Hiking Handout by Lynn Weigand

acrobat2011 Personal Walking Program-Handout by Lynn Weigand

acrobat2011 Walking Program Plan by Lynn Weigand


acrobat2011 Hip and Trunk Flexibility

acrobat2011 Shoulder Flexibility

acrobat2011 Shoulder Flexibility Test

Core and Strength

acrobat2011 Core Stability Test

acrobat2011 Lower Body Wall Sit Test

acrobat2011 RLP Sculpt and Strengthen with Mike Bee

Injuries and Back Issues

acrobat2011 Avoid Overuse Injury by Staying Within Your Limits by Jordan D. Metzl

acrobat2011 Dealing with Injury by Jordan D. Metzl

acrobat2011 Five Days to a Fit Back by Traci Schafer-Bacon

acrobat2011 Healthy Backs by Steve Paredes


acrobat2011 Stott Pilates by Moira Merrithew

acrobat2011 Stott Pilates: Fabulous Five Exercises to do Every Day by PJ O’Clair’

Prime of Life

acrobat2011 Prime of Life: Knees to Last a Lifetime

acrobat2011 References for Prime of Life: Joints

Staying Fit

acrobat2011 Creating Your Fittest Self by Pete Kirchmer

acrobat2011 Rancho La Puerta Fit Check Class Record Sheet

Tai Chi

acrobat2011 Tai Chi  


acrobat2011 Exploring the Life Triathalon Balance by Jordan D. Metzl

acrobat2011 Iron Man First Timers by Jordan D. Metzl

acrobat2011 Iron Man Inside Out: News from the Medical Tent by Jordan D. Metzl



acrobat2011 Working Toward Work-Life Balance by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011 Take Control of Stress with Iris Gold 


acrobat2011 Dreaming

acrobat2011 Decoding The Dream by Layne Dalfen

acrobat2011 Divine Guidance in Dreams by Rabbi Leah Novick

acrobat2011 Nine Powers of Dreaming by Robert Moss

acrobat2011 Remembering Your Dreams by Rabbi Leah Novick 


acrobat2011 Moving Towards Happiness by David Baum

acrobat2011 Optimistic Style by Martin Seligman

acrobat2011 Ten Secrets of Happiness

acrobat2011 Yeah, You Rock: How To Get Going On Affirmations by Signe 

Inner Journey

acrobat2011 Faith and Resiliency by David Baum

acrobat2011 Discovering Your Inner Child by Liz Levy

acrobat2011 Guided Imagery by Leslie Davenport

acrobat2011 Healing the Body, Healing the Self by Leslie Davenport

acrobat2011 Journey to the Wisdom of Your Heart by Leslie Davenport

acrobat2011 Inner Journey Suggested Music List

acrobat2011 Remember Who You Are by Linda Carroll 


 acrobat2011Hidden Disabilities…Hidden Potential by Dr. Margo Vreeberg Izzo, Ph.D.

acrobat2011 Being Unstoppable by Pete Kirchmer

acrobat2011 Identify Your Blocks to Success by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011 Conquer Procrastination by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011 Five Solutions for Life’s Five Major Problems by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011  Awaken Your Strongest Self by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011  Making the Impossible Possible by Neil Fiore

acrobat2011 The Now Habit at Work by Neil Fiore 



acrobat2011 Ayurveda Book List by Carla Levy

acrobat2011 Ayurveda: Vata Dosha by Carla Levy

acrobat2011 Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha by Carla Levy

acrobat2011 Ayurveda: Pitta Dosha by Carla Levy

acrobat2011 Ayurvedic Morning Routines by Carla Levy

Mind and Body

acrobat2011 Aching by Randy Raugh

acrobat2011 Better Breathing by Phyllis Pilgrim

acrobat2011 Chi Kung: Organ Cleansing

acrobat2011 Healthy Living by Victoria Maizes

acrobat2011 The Medicine Wheel by David Baum

acrobat2011 Naturally Balanced Web Referrals by Nancy Parker

acrobat2011 Prime Health

acrobat2011 Prime for Life References by Randy Raugh

acrobat2011 Prevention Strategies by Victoria Maizes

acrobat2011 Take The Ranch Home by Joe Sweeney

acrobat2011 Skinworks: The Power of Combination Therapy Dr. Frances Jang


acrobat2011 Conscious Nutrition Philosophy Ebook

acrobat2011 Eating Food is a Sacred Act by Carla Levy

acrobat2011 Debunking Calorie and Dieting Myths by Conscious Nutrition

acrobat2011 Eating in Response To The Body’s Wisdom with Signe Darpinian

acrobat2011 The Diet-Free Guideline: 8 Steps To Your Natural Body Shape by Signe Darpinian

acrobat2011 Emotional Rescue: How To Redirect All Those Misguided Feelings Around Food by Signe Darpinian 


acrobat2011 Preparing for Pregnancy by Victoria Maizes



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