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4 Ranch Dance Classes To Whip You into Shape

4 Ranch Dance Classes to Whip you Into Shape

At The Ranch we’re known for pushing the boundaries with our dance classes.  We have everything from striptease to salsa to specialty classes like conscious dance and ballet.  We have you covered if you want to get fit while having tons of fun – and our passionate teachers make the classes incredibly special.  Below are four popular and intense dance workouts that will whip you into shape:

Hot Latin Cardio Dance  You must take a dance class with Manuel when you visit The Ranch.  Whether it’s Striptease or Hot Latin Cardio, you will be entertained and have a remarkable time.  Manuel is hilarious! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the dancing because you’re laughing so hard, but it’s still a serious workout.

Striptease If you are lucky enough to be at Rancho La Puerta when Manuel teaches this class, you must take it.  If you’ve been to The Ranch, then chances are you know Manuel and you know he has moves, but unless you have taken this class, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I don’t know what was the best part of the class, whether it was the dance moves, or watching Manuel or maybe the constant laughter.  But I left that class with the biggest smile on my face.

Cardio Hip Hop  Bring out your inner J. Lo and have a ton of fun while seriously getting your cardio on.  This is Dance Cardio Hip Hop and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite Ranch classes.  The highlight of the class is the teacher, Connie.  She has a vibrant personality and it’s hard not to feel inspired by her infectious affinity for fun.  She is an amazing dancer.

Hula Hooping  Hazel does a superb job of explaining how to hula hoop in way that clicks with students.  She recommends that beginners start with larger hoops since they’re easier to control and move slower than smaller ones.  Then she demonstrates how to rock the body so that the hoop stays up.  After years of thinking I had no hula hooping skills, I left the class with complete confidence in my abilities to rock the hoop.

Interested in learning more about achieving a marvelous balance of mind, body and spirit?  Join us for a week at our 3,000-acre health and fitness resort in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico—about an hour’s drive from San Diego, all with transportation provided. Make your reservation or request more information by calling 800-443-7565, or use our convenient online reservation form by clicking below.



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