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Pilates Tower Fundamentals

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”
–Joseph Pilates inventor of Pilates

ranch-33The Pilates Tower Fundamentals class was a deliberately paced workout that was a pleasant surprise. Instead of a fast circuit workout with weights and an emphasis on quick repetitious lifting, this class was a quiet whisper to my muscles, gently waking them from their out-of-shape slumber.  Each repetition of the workout forced me to stay focused, composed and in control while taking my workout to the next level. Like Pilates mat class, the emphasis is on controlled breathing and an ideal pelvic position but with the added benefit of more resistance training with springs attached to the Tower. A resistance workout helps with deeper strength training.

Cathleen Murakami taught this 45-minute class, demonstrating the movements and encouraging students to be mindful of placement, execution and breathing rhythm. Her attention to detail helped me stay focused on core building in a nonimpact workout that was as much calming as it was strength building.  It engaged my body through resistance and stretching, making it as relaxing as meditation.

The benefits of a Pilates Tower workout are legendary: practitioner’s have raved about many benefits including their flatter abs, greater flexibility and improved concentration. It’s highly recommended to have a Pilates mat or Reformer experience to fully benefit from the exercises. This was my first Pilates Tower workout, and I’ll be signing up again soon.

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