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Health and Astrology Series: Libra

health for libras

This is a blog series where we feature a different astrology sign every month along with specific health recommendations for that particular sign.  This month is dedicated to the Libras of the Zodiac, September 23-October 22.  

Health and Astrology for Libra

Libra is the judge. They know what they like. And they know what they don’t like. They are not usually afraid to share their opinions. They initiate action and are usually obsessed with balance and fairness. Being connoisseurs of good food and drink, La Cocina Que Canta is the perfect place for them to hone their cooking skills. The Ranch has some of the most famous celebrity chefs as guest instructors. Libras would be wise to learn from such masters.

Since they have a such a fondness for all things beautiful, the grounds at The Ranch, speak to what matters most to any Libras: beauty and balance. The Professor’s daughter, Sarah Livia, created a visual harmony with all the gardens throughout the Ranch. When a Libra does what they love to do, their world is in balance. Being a very mental air sign, they are easily disturbed if things are not making sense to them. A meditative walk through The Labyrinth is perfect for any tense Libra.

They are the only inanimate sign of the Zodiac, being that their symbol is the scales. It is fascinating that the scales, which measure weight, are the Zodiac symbol of some of the most famous people in the diet world: Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch; Weight Watchers spokesperson and former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson; diet product manufacturer, and Thigh Master pitchwoman, Suzanne Somers, and Dr. Atkins of the famous Atkins diet.

With weight being so associated with this sign, Libras should eat plenty of raw complex carbohydrates such as dark leafy greens and fruits to ingest all the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that their body craves to keep them balanced.

Medical astrology dates back to 400BC and the time of Hippocrates, who said, “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.” In fact, most people do not realize that astrology was the way medicine was practiced into the 17th century and was much like eastern medicine such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, which is more widely accepted today.

Libras, being deeply concerned with health, would be wise to learn from fellow Libra, Carla Levy, the Ranch’s Aryuvedic practitioner who is all about balancing the body.  “In Ayurveda, the word for health is Swasta. which means being in balance with your own nature and nature around you. This balance has to occur on the physical, mental and emotional levels. The wisdom of Ayurveda gives you the understanding of your own unique constitution and the tools to create balance therefore health in your life.”

The sign of Libra also corresponds to marriage and partnership, so anything they can do in tandem makes them happy. While at The Ranch, Libras can participate in partner activities such as doubles tennis, partner Thai massage classes and even a little ping pong over near the art studio.

Lastly, this quote by Joseph Cambell clearly aligns with Libra thinking:

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”


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