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Summer Wellness Tips from Ayurveda

This is a guest post from our Ayurvedic Specialist, Carla Levy.  Enjoy!

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Here are some essential summer wellness tips from Ayurveda.  Summer is the season of Pitta dosha, when the element of fire is the strongest. Signs of excess fire include inflammation, acid reflux, irritation and anger. Following are some tips to help you to stay cool during these hot summer months:

1.     Wake up refreshed from a deep night’s sleep by ensuring your bedroom is cool. Lack of a deep night’s sleep will increase the Pitta emotion of irritability.

2.     Engage in cooling exercises such as swimming in the mornings and evenings, and avoid the mid-day sun.

3.     Enjoy lots of cooling foods such as watermelon, cucumber, cilantro, mint, and all bitter green vegetables. Drink plenty of pure water, coconut water, and hibiscus tea. Stay away from hot and spicy foods as well as sour foods, which will increase the heat in your system.

4.     Enjoy a cooling coconut oil massage followed by a cool shower.

5.     Spray yourself and your environment with cooling waters or hydrosols, including rose, lavender, sandalwood and jasmine.

Summer is the season for fun. Play, laugh and enjoy!



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